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Latest Updates: Taika Waititi Talks About Working On The live-action Movie “Akira”!

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The live-action movie “Akira” is set to be released in 2023. Taika Waititi, who has directed other acclaimed films such as “Thor: Ragnarok” and “What We Do in the Shadows,” will be directing this film. Taika Waititi recently interviewed with Entertainment Weekly, where he talked about his thoughts on working on the movie!

About the movie “Akira.”

Taika Waititi will be directing the live-action “Akira” movie.

The plot for the film itself surrounds Tetsuo, played by Kaneda (played by who was not confirmed), being shot with a powerful bullet that leaks Akira’s energy from his body when he falls off of a bike onto the ground. He then experiences intense psychical pain that attracts all sorts of people around him because they are drawn to it.

“Akira” Release Date Speculations

The release date for Taika Waititi’s live-action “Akira” movie has not yet been announced. Taika Waititi Talks Working on Live-Action Akira Movie! Taika Waititi recently interviewed with Entertainment Weekly, where he talked about his thoughts on working on the film release date, plot, cast, and more!


The live-action movie is likely to release in 2023.

Taika Waititi talks about working on the live-action movie “Akira”!

Taika Waititi discussed how excited he was about working on this project due to its creative aspects, including making an original story work within two hours while balancing the line between being respectful to its origins and adding Taika’s own creative touches.


The director Taika Waititi also discussed how he was excited about working on this project because it relates to his work in “Thor: Ragnarok” where he playfully explores a world of Taikiafication through different cultures, textures, shapes, languages – which is something that will be carried over into his exploration with Akira!

Taika Waititi's Live-Action Akira Handed May 2021 Release | Movies | Empire

Source: Empire Online

Lastly, Waititi discusses why they chose not to include any type of iconic bike scene from the original manga or anime due to their difficulty at constructing one within two hours.

“Akira” Potential Plot and Storyline Overview

Akira is a science fiction manga series, and the movie adaptation of it was released in 1988. Taika Waititi will be directing for Warner Bros., with Toho Pictures co-producing. The film will star “The Hunger Games” actor Hari James from New Zealand as Kaneda.”

Taika’s own creative touches are anticipated to bring this iconic story; into his realm of Taikiafication that he explored within ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ – which means great things! With Taiki at the helm, viewers can expect an original interpretation and innovative twist; on one of Japan’s most prominent pieces; of popular culture. As well, Taiko has been very open about how they chose not to include any type of bike scene; because they didn’t want to make it too similar to the anime. Taika Waititi also commented that he has been “throwing a lot of ideas around,” but so far, no concrete decisions have been made regarding what will happen in terms of storylines.”

“Taika: “I’m just thinking about how we can best adapt this for an international audience because I don’t think American kids are going to be into some Japanese manga from 30 years ago. So there might need to be something else … like they get sent back in time and things happen? Who knows?”


“Akira” Star Cast News

Some of the faces we might see in the live-action Akira movie are:

  • Chris Pine
  • Andrew Garfield
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Keanu Reeves
  •  Robert Pattinson
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Michael Pitt

Will the movie be worth watching?

The movie is worth watching if you are a fan of Taika Waititi. Akira has always been an interesting manga, and with Taika at the helm, there will be some fun twists to mix things up.

What do you think about this live-action adaptation? Will it have a chance for success without being too Americanized? Let us know in the comments below!

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