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Love 101 Season 3 – Release Date, Plot Synopsis, And Cats Updates!

Love 101 Season 3

Love 101 Season 3 will be a comedy about three friends who are looking for love, and the mistakes they make along the way. The show Love 101 season 1 was a hit, but what can we expect from Love 101 Season 2? Let’s find out together!

About the Netflix Series

Love101 season one premiered in 2020 and has received positive reviews. With the success of Love101 season one, it seems that Netflix will release Love101 season two soon enough. As for when Love101 season two will be released remains unknown, although rumors are pointing to an October launch date this year. “Love,” tells the story of two friends who have been cohabiting for six months looking for someone special. Unfortunately, they always get caught up in emotional problems caused by dating relationships between men and women.

“Love 101” Season 3 Renewal and Official Release Date

Love 101″ Love101 season three has been confirmed by Netflix on June 12, 2019. The release date for Love101 Season Three is expected to be released this fall of 2022 with the number of episodes still unknown at this time. Love101 will return with all-new episodes that are sure to make you laugh and cry as these two best friends continue their quest in finding true love if it’s even possible after everything they’ve already been through together so far!

According to reports from sources close to production, there have not yet been any contract negotiations between cast members and producers although we know how much everyone loves working on “Love 101.”


Season 2 is premiering on 30th September, however, there is no news for Season 3.

Love 101 Season 1 finale recap: 5 questions we have for Season 2

Source: Show

Speculated Plot Arc and Storyline Predictions for “Love 101” Season 3

Love 101 Season Three will pick up shortly after the events which occurred in Love101 Season Two. We can expect to see Michelle and Kenneth at odds with each other since they both gave their hearts away without realizing it, causing tension between them leading into Love 101 Season Three.

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Towards the end of Love 101 season two, Cat confessed her feelings for Kenneth but was turned down by him because he felt unworthy of being loved due to his past choices that resulted in losing someone special instead of gaining true love like what she has with Andrew who is head over heels for her. Although some fans may have wanted Michelle and Kevin together romantically on “Love 101” more than ever before.

Cast and Characters

  • Mert Yazıcıoğlu as Sinan
  • Müfit Kayacan as Necdet
  • Bade İşçil as adult Işık
  • Pınar Deniz as Burcu
  • Kaan Urgancıoğlu as Kemal
  • Kubilay Aka as Kerem
  • Alina Boz as Eda

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