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Leslie Grace Starring Batgirl Shares Her Expectations For Playing DC Character

Leslie Grace Starring Batgirl

Leslie Grace, who will star as Batgirl in the forthcoming film adaptation of In the Heights, explains her intentions for playing the DC character.

Batgirl is portrayed by Leslie Grace, an actress who wants to play DC’s character. For years, a solo film based on Batman’s female counterpart at DC Films/Warner Bros. has been in the works. Whedon was the studio’s first creative hire, but he departed in 2018.

After being overlooked for a profession as a writer, Christina Hodson was then approached to write the script. Batgirl succeeded in recruiting Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah to helm Bad Boys for Life’s Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah as directors.

Following this, the hunt for DC’s Batgirl began. Leslie Grace eventually booked the coveted part after narrowing down a shortlist of Zoey Deutch, Isabella Merced, and Haley Lu Richardson.


While she hasn’t had much of a presence on screen, Grace has recently made headlines for her role as Nina Rosario in In the Heights. The actress has been cast as Barbara Gordon, the more well-known version of Batgirl.

Leslie Grace Talks About Playing DC Character:

Variety came up with an interview with Leslie Grace at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. When she was asked about her role as Batgirl and what she hopes to accomplish by playing DC’s character.  “I’m just really excited about every young girl who will see a Dominican Batichica and say, ‘I can do that,’ I can’t wait,” says Grace. She also feels that having a Latina Batgirl “revalidates the aspirations of other people who look like her, who believe it isn’t an option for them.”

Leslie Grace Lands The Role Of Batgirl


In recent years, representation in superhero movies has been a contentious issue, and studios have made efforts to improve it. The conversation about the significance of diversity in Hollywood blockbusters has long been at the forefront thanks to Marvel’s Black Panther, which appeared to put this topic on the table once again.

It has only strengthened with the recent debut of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which features a mostly Asian cast. With a number of firsts for the MCU, including their first gay and deaf heroes, Eternals will make similar progress.

DC has films such as Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, both of which were lead by a woman. They’re still in the game by now recruiting a Latina Batgirl. The rest of the cast will be interesting to see how they fit around her.

Jurnee Smollett, who played Black Canary on Birds of Prey, would be a fantastic addition. As a result, the diversity of the film will improve. Aside from that, J.K. Simmons will reprise his role as Barbara’s father in Justice League as Commissioner James Gordon (Barbara’s mother). Leslie Grace’s namesake character, on the other hand, should come to the forefront as Batgirl approaches completion.

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