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The CW Action Show ‘Professionals’ Will Star Brendan Fraser And Tom Welling

'Professionals' Will Star Brendan Fraser

The CW has yet another popular series to their laundry list of programming, an international action series. Professional, which stars Tom Welling, Elena Anaya, and the Internet’s boyfriend Brendan Fraser, has been picked up by The CW.

Latest Updates and Speculations:

Although no U.S. premiere date has been set, the series will undoubtedly be stunning, as it was filmed in Ireland and South Africa.

Professionals is a co-production between the Republic of Ireland and South Africa that follows Vincent Corbo (Welling), a security specialist paid to safeguard the interests of the wealthy and famous, no matter how unlawful his actions may be.

Corbo is called in by eccentric billionaire Peter Swann to investigate the explosion of one of his high-tech medical satellites, for which Swann suspects sabotage and his life is upended, especially when his former lover, Dr. Grace Davila, turns out to be Swann’s fiancée.


To fulfill his bargain with Swann, Corbo must expose a deadly conspiracy aimed at seizing control of Swann’s technological empire, all while battling a rogue Europol agent intent on forcing him to pay for his transgressions.

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Source: Showbiz Cheat

The creators are Jeff Most and Michael Colleary, who serve as co-showrunners and executive producers. Rainmaker content is behind the series.

The Professionals also stars:

  • Saïd Taghmaoui
  • Ken Duken
  • Lisa Loven Kongsli
  • August Wittgenstein
  • Stevel Marc
  • Tanya Van Graan
  • Nic Rasenti

With executive producers Jeff Most Productions, LEONINE Studios, NENT Group, and The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, Professionals was produced by Most Media, Subotica, Spier Films, and Roadside Attractions in association with Jeff Most Productions, LEONINE Studios, NENT Group, and The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa.

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