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K-Drama Moon Lovers: Will It Be Renewed? Here’s Every Latest Updates

moon lovers season 2

After four years since the debut of Moon Lovers, this remake is expected to surpass its predecessor. Despite the issues, the drama has become one of the most popular dramas, and viewers want another season. The Kdrama ‘Moon Lovers’ ended with a cliffhanger. Will the second season be made? Everything you need to know.

Moon Lovers is a South Korean historical drama. It is an adaptation of a Chinese novel titled “Bu Bu Jing Xin.” After airing for twenty episodes in August 2016, fans are awaiting the arrival of new episodes of Moon Lovers.

Moon Lovers Renewal and Release Details:

Scarlet Heart came to an end a couple of months ago, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for more. The high ratings make this show an obvious candidate for renewal.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' Season 2: Will True Love Finally Prevail  The Second Time Around? - YouTube


After watching Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo, some fans have filed petitions for a second season. Despite the ongoing controversy, TV lovers eagerly await season 2 to come out.

Its sequel does not seem to introduce anything new, but the original story was already wrapped up in season 1. Because of this, Moon Lovers season 2 returns are very unlikely.


Although no official announcement has been made that Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 will take place, it is very unlikely that it will. Because of the high demands from fans, it is possible that makers might consider a spin-off or movie adaptation. If the project is approved in the next few months and premieres in 2023, then it will probably be quite a wait.

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Moon Lovers Plot Speculations:

When a 21st-century girl, Go Ha-jin, traveled back in time to the year 941, she found herself in Hae Soo’s body. Hae Soo is one of the ruling royal family members during King Taejo’s reign. Initially, the eighth prince, Wang Wook, who is warm and gentle, attracted her attention.

Later, she falls in love with Wang Wo, who is also known as the fourth prince. However, he hides his face behind a mask to give off an intimidating feeling. Hae Soo becomes entangled in palace politics like the other princesses while vying for power.

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