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The Acolyte: Series Release Date, Official Cast Updates, Storyline, and Plot Twists!

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The Acolyte is a series that has been in development for the last few years. The show was originally supposed to be released in May 2021, but the release date had to be pushed back; due to unforeseen circumstances. The cast and storyline are not yet public information. But we have compiled all available information; about The Acolyte so you can get excited about its upcoming release!

About the Star War Series “The Acolyte”

The Acolyte is a new series that will be released by The Star War Company (TSWC) in 2022. The show has not yet been given the official release date, but we have confirmed with TSWC’s marketing team. And The Acolyte creators that it should be available to watch somewhere around May 2022! The cast for this new production is still unknown, meaning you can look forward to seeing some amazing actors or actresses soon enough!

“The Acolyte” Official Announcement

The Star War Company has officially announced The Acolyte, their new TV Series! The series will be released in 2022, and the official cast for The Acolyte is still unknown. The marketing team at TSWC says that we can expect to see an announcement about the release date within a few months of this post going live.

The Series was announced in 2020.

Release Date Expectations for The Acolyte

The Acolyte is set to release in 2022. The recent announcement of The Star War Company’s new TV Series has stirred up a lot of interest, and it will be interesting to see the official cast for The Acolyte as well!


If you’re excited about The Acolyte, then this post is perfect for you: “Release Date Expectations”!

Trailer Breakdown by Genre/Audience

First off, we have our trailer breakdown so that those not familiar with The series can get an idea of what they are getting into (spoiler-free!) Secondly, we discuss how the different genres each relate to their respective audiences’ tastes.

What genre are your favorite movies and TV Shows? The Acolyte series will be a mix of Science fiction and Adventure.

Science Fiction is the genre that got us excited to explore space, fight for our lives in an apocalyptic world, or envision worlds where we could live among monsters and magic.

Star Wars: The Acolyte Show Is Inspired By The Phantom Menace

Source: Screen

The Storyline and Plot Details of “The Acolyte”

We don’t know much about The Acolytes storyline at the moment because no information has been made public. We do, however, know what it might be based on: earlier reports state that The Acolyte is a Sci-Fi series of eight episodes that will be released in 2022.

The creators are still unknown as well, but the cast should be revealed sometime in early 2021. The Acolyte is set to release on TSWC’s streaming service at an unannounced date; we know it’ll come sometime around May 2022, so keep your eye out for more updates!

We know very few plot details as of right now, but it seems like some interesting twists are coming our way with this one, namely, how does someone go from being human to becoming a dark Jedi?! Is he training other acolytes, or are they just partaking in his journey?

Readers probably want background information about the story before diving into any series, so The Geeksmiths will be releasing a series of short informational posts about The Acolyte. Rumors have been spreading that The Acolyte is the sequel to The Force and has something to do with Jedi becoming Sith in some way or another. Other than that, we can only speculate until more information becomes available! Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new series coming soon from TSWC!

Readers probably want background information about The Acolyte before diving into any story, so The Geeksmiths will be releasing a series of short informative posts about The Acolyte.


Star Cast and Crew News for the Series

The cast has not been announced as well, but the creators are still unknown and will be revealed in early 2022. The series will air on TSWC’s streaming service at an unannounced date, sometime around May 2022.

Some cast and crew involved:

  • Leslye Headland – showrunner
  • LucasFilm and Disney – Distributors
  • No cast member has been announced

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