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The Queen’s Gambit Season 2: Everything You Need To Know So Far

the queen's gambit season 2

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 will be releasing soon enough! After a long wait, the show has returned and it does not disappoint. The first episode of this season had plenty to offer for both new and old viewers alike. For those who may be unfamiliar with the series, let us break down all you need to know so far about The Queen’s Gambit Season 2.

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 Renewal Details:

Season 2 of “The Queen’s Gambit” has the entire world (especially avid viewers) in suspense. The first season of Queen’s Gambit ended with Beth competing against Vasily Borgov for the second time to become the best player in the world.

Fans wait with anticipation of what will happen next to the world’s best chess player, but sadly Netflix has not yet confirmed a second season.

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 Cast Details:

Clearly, the future of Ana is intertwined with her chess prodigy, meaning that we will not only see Anya Taylor-Joy but also some part of her history.


Season two would also see the return of Beth’s old friends, which are Harry Melling, Thomas Boydie-Sangster, and Moses Ingram And while we wait for something to happen, there is nothing else fans can do but wait and see what Netflix has in store for us.

The Queen’s Gambit Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

The Queen’s Gambit is a television show that premiered in October 2020. It is based on the novel of the same name, written by Walter Tevis.

The Queen's Gambit season 2 release date, cast, trailer and more

Source: Netflix

We follow the protagonist, chess prodigy Beth Harmon, as she rises through the ranks in a male-dominated Cold War chess circuit. However, like any protagonist worth her salt Beth Harmon struggles with some controversial issues along the way.

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But alas, the show’s novel does not have a sequel. The show’s creators would need to deviate from what they’ve written to continue the series. Taylor-Joy’s character Beth is not expected to live much longer.

“I don’t know if I want to do another season. The last scene feels like a beautiful ending, so I’m not sure that we should continue,” the Golden Globe nominee told Town & Country.


Furthermore, when reflecting on her future, she mused “It would be very interesting to see how Beth would react as a mother now that she was sober. The demons in Hollywood pulled her down.”

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