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Rebel Season 2 On IMDB TV: Renewal Status And Latest Updates!

Rebel season 2

Rebel season 2 is now on IMDB TV! This drama series explores how Rebel can finally fit into this world she never really belonged to. Rebel Season 2 on IMDB TV: Renewal Status and Latest Updates!

About the Series “Rebel”

“Rebel” is a drama series following Rebel, who has been raised as an outsider and joins the ranks of society’s elite. Rebel Season Two follows Rebel on her journey to find out what she was meant for in life. She wants to be something more than just another pretty face standing next to some rich guy at a fundraiser or sitting with her feet up while someone else does all the work.

She wants power over her own life and freedom from those around her intent on stifling it–a mission that leads Rebel into increasingly dangerous territory when secrets are revealed about both friends and enemies alike.

“Rebel” Season 2 Renewal Status

Rebel Season 2 was likely canceled by ABC. However, IMBD TV gave a new life to the show. Rebel Season two is now available to watch on its website.


The Rebel TV show has an IMDB user rating of about four out of ten stars and voting is enabled for current users who can rate Rebel. The last update to Rebel content came from the creator himself, Australian journalist-writer Joe Hildebrand when he announced that Rebel will be airing next year as one half-hour per episode (instead of forty minutes).

Release Date Speculations for Rebel Season 2

In Rebel season one, there were a total of eight episodes. Rebel season two is expected to have the same number of episodes in 2022 with an air date set for September 14th. However, IMBD TV has not confirmed this information and we’ll likely find out more later on during summertime as Rebel Season Two approaches its release date.

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Rebel Season 1 Summary

A little background: In season one Rebel is an Australian journalist-writer, Rebel Wilson, who rebels against the system and social norms to find what life is really like for a modern woman. Rebel’s bosses try to reign her in so she can write more serious stories that will “count” but Rebel wants nothing of it. She has way too much fun sneaking around doing all these crazy things!

Rebel Season One Review: Pros & Cons


Rebel was hilarious!!! We loved all the crazy things she did and how much fun she had been a rebel against societal norms.

Rebel got rejected by an online dating service! It seemed like they tried too hard to find reasons not to accept her instead of actually trying to figure out if Rebel would be a good match for them.

Potential Storyline for Season 2 of Rebel

Rebel has been fired from her newspaper job and is now a blogger.

Each day Rebel gets up early to write for her blog with the hopes of exposing injustices in our society. She also tries to make friends on social media but it turns out that internet trolls aren’t exactly good at holding conversations! Rebel meets this guy off-line who she thinks might be The One.

Rebel' Eyes Potential Season 2 Pickup By IMDb TV As Season 1 Gets AVOD Run – Deadline


Rebel is trying not just because they want something but also because they need something to keep living life to its fullest. They are willing to risk things like prison time or job loss to stay true to themselves and what makes them happy despite long-term consequences.

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Cast and Characters for Rebel Season 2

Rebel is a 30-year old guerilla journalist in the fictional war-torn country of Fulana. Rebel has been blogging about injustices; taking place; since they were 16. But now their blog, Rebel Season, is an international sensation and a major threat to The Government! She seeks out justice for her friends who are being persecuted; by the government (or rebels) as well as those without a voice. They get caught up; with some revolutionaries; on occasion; which allows them access; to more information; that can be used against the regime so it’s not all bad!

Some of the prominent cast members from Season 1 include:

  • Andy Garcia
  • John Corbett
  • Lex Scott Davis
  • Ariela Barer
  • Sam Palladio
  • James Lesure
  • Tamala Jones
  • Kevin Zegers
  • Katey Sagal

Will Rebel Season 2 be worth watching?

There is potential for Rebel Season to be worth watching! Several great actors are coming back and we do know the renewal status. We also know that Rebel will have some new obstacles in their way including more resistance from The Government and maybe even outside forces as well. It’s not likely this season will disappoint, but it does seem like Rebel could need help if they want to take down The Government!

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