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Netflix’s The Pentaverate Announced! Everything we know so far.

The Netflix

Netflix has announced that they will be releasing The Pentaverate in 2022. The show is the company’s first animated series and is set to be released as a Netflix Original. There are still many questions about the show, such as when it will air and what time slot it will be on, but we do know some information! Here are 5 plot points you need to know before watching Netflix’s upcoming hit.

Expected Release Year for the Series:

The show will be released in 2022.

Netflix has not announced the specific date or time slot of when it will air, but we know that there are 65 episodes planned for release.

Plot: What is going on?

Set to take place five years after the events of season one, this new series features many returning characters from Pemberley and Georgiana Darcy’s school near London as they make their way to University while trying to find out what happened during those missing days between seasons one and two. Plus, Professor Fitzwilliam Darcy is back! He left his position teaching mathematics at Cambridge because he wanted a break before getting married – only now his friends have disappeared without any word since spring term.


Cast: Who’s returning?

None other than Georgiana Darcy! Though she left Oxford after her first year to take care of her brother William at his estate near London during an illness, now she’ll be heading off to University and back into society where all manner of adventures await – from a research paper on Mr. Wickham to getting caught up with some old friends who visited Pemberley last season while running away from their families.

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We also expect the return of Mrs. Bennet and Jane as they head out from an enemy.

We’ll also see Kitty Bennet and her new husband, James Martin – albeit with a different actress playing the role of Kitty!

Cast: Who’s joining?

All five are newcomers to Pemberley this season, but we can’t wait for you to meet them in person. First up is George Knightley. He’s headstrong and opinionated like his older brother John (from Pride & Prejudice), but he never had any wealth or inherited property, so after university, he became a barrister instead of going into the Church as originally planned by their father. Now Headmaster at Cambridge University, George finds himself estranged from both family and friends when they all go missing since


We’ll see; a new character; who we’re all convinced; is going to be an American adaptation; of Mr. Collins, and as such, we are already naming him; after the actor; in the movie. Meet Charles Bingley!

He’s not just here; for good looks; either – he comes; with a few secrets; that drive some conflict; between himself and Georgiana Darcy. We also might see Mary Bennet; again at this point, but we won’t know until; our cameras roll later this year.

Filming: Spring 2021-2022?

It seems like Netflix has finally come out of their shell about when the show will start filming next school term, announcing on Twitter that they plan to film from spring through 2021 before airing it sometime early 2022.

Why don’t we just air it now?

Netflix’s waiting for one more piece of the puzzle to come together before they go live with The Pentaverate, a new American adaptation from Netflix. Right now you can track their progress on Twitter and Instagram where they’ll be live streaming video updates as filming starts.


Do we know any spoilers for the upcoming series on Netflix “The Pentaverate”?

Short answer, no. Netflix hasn’t released much information about the plot of The Pentaverate yet because they want to save it for when you can watch and see what’s going on first-hand yourself! If anything else comes up before filming starts, we’ll be sure to bring that news right to your screen here at Millennial Media News HQ.

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Mike Myers Finally Returning with ‘The Pentaverate’ Limited Series for Netflix:

We’re very excited to announce that Netflix and Mike Myers are teaming up for the long-awaited sequel, “The Pentaverate.” The new series will go live on their streaming platform in 2021.

The first season of The Pentaverate is set to be six episodes and viewers can expect a star-studded cast including Simon Pegg as Mr Bean, Jamie Chung as Lady Gaga, Emma Thompson as Queen Elizabeth II, Shania Twain as Taylor Swift…and many more! If you haven’t already seen the trailer released last month–watch it now.

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