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Kathryn Hahn Reportedly To Return To MCU As Agatha Harkness!

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been without Kathryn Hahn for a while now. But that’s about to change because Kathryn is reportedly set to return as Agatha Harkness in Doctor Strange 2! The actress will be playing the role of the Ancient One and it seems like she’ll have a more prominent role than her previous one. This is hopefully going to make up for missing out on Ant-Man & The Wasp, but we’re not complaining either way!

About Agatha Harkness: Character Analysis

Agatha Harkness was a powerful sorceress and the mentor of Doctor Strange. Kathryn’s casting in this role is a sign that she’ll be deeply involved with the plot, though it remains to be seen what her specific intentions are. What we do know for sure is that she has one heck of an interesting story behind her!

Kathryn Hahn reportedly returns as Agatha Harkness in Doctor Strange II: The Madness of the Multiverse. Kathryn will have more screen time than previously, having played a smaller part before. This makes up for missing out on Ant-Man & The Wasp, but also not complaining either way if good news comes our way!

Is Agatha Harkness an evil character?

Kathryn Hahn has played many different kinds of characters, but Kathryn’s Agatha Harkness will be a new kind. It is unclear at this point what her intentions are and whether she’ll play an antagonistic role or not.

Will Kathryn Hahn Return to the MCU as Agatha Harkness? Agatha Harkness MCU Future


Kathryn Hahn roles and character history in the MCU

Kathryn was last seen as Kathryn in Wanda Vision TV Series. She said that playing Kathryn wasn’t fun anymore because it became too much about being funny rather than more serious roles.

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Agatha Harkness is a witch with psychic powers, who could see into both Earthly dimensions and other realms where sorcery was practiced; she also has limited knowledge about these worlds’ inhabitants. She often travels to alternate dimensions using spells or potions (including those brewed by her cat, Ebony). Agatha can do many things most humans cannot do including flying on her broomstick without apparent difficulty, even while carrying another individual such as Quicksilver for example. She can teleport herself and others over a vast distance.

Kathryn Hahn upcoming MCU Roles

Kathryn Hahn reportedly to Return to MCU as Agatha Harkness! She has been confirmed; for the upcoming film, Doctor Strange in a mystery role; that is speculated by some fans; to be Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III or even Morgana le Fay. This will not be her first time working with Benedict Cumberbatch; who plays Dr. Stephen Strange. Chris Hemsworth; also starred in The Cabin In The Woods; which Kathryn co-starred alongside him and Emma Stone; back in 2010 when she acted as Dana Polkowich; this was Kathryn’s second consecutive horror flick; following Sinister from 2012 where she played Claire Wilson – another character; whose life had their fair share of dark moments too!

Is Kathryn’s character Agatha in Doctor Strange II: The Madness of the Multiverse?

That is unknown. We do know that she will be deeply involved with the plot though! Kathryn was seen on set during filming for episodes four and five – so it seems like her role is important to what happens next. In terms of chapter order, this would happen after Doctor Strange I but before Avengers Endgame according to IMDb’s release date list- if those are accurate at all times which they often aren’t hinted at by Marvel Studios themselves. It also means that we’ll be seeing more from Kathryn than just Ant-Man & The Wasp 2 which may no longer be canon.

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Avengers Endgame happens after Doctor Strange I but Kathryn Hahn is seen on set during filming for episodes four and five meaning that her role in the story will remain important to what happens next! We also see more of Kathryn than just Ant-Man & The Wasp which may no longer be canon. Kathryn has worked with Marvel Studios before as she was in Captain America: Civil War, so it’s not too surprising that they reach out for their talent again now!


She played Agent Carter who helped Captain America get hold of a new shield by stealing one from an exhibit at Stark Tower. It would make sense if Agatha Harkness does something similar here – maybe help him find or create another weapon?

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