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Untitled Joe Exotic Miniseries To Cast Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin!

Joe Exotic Series

Untitled Joe Exotic Miniseries to cast Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin! Joe Exotic has announced that he will be doing a miniseries about his life and the casting is underway. They have narrowed it down to two actors, one of them being Kyle MacLachlan who played Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks. Joe wants this series to tell his side of the story without all the Hollywood BS so he’s been filming everything himself for years now. “I’m not going to stop until I get my own show,” Joe said in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine back in July.

About the “Joe Exoctic” Miniseries

The first season would document how Joe went from working at Disney World as “The Birdman” mascot during college breaks to opening up such establishments as Temptations Adult Entertainment Center, Holy Cow Hot Dogs & More Exotic has been involved in a few lawsuits over the years and commented that he is seeking revenge for what was done to him. Joe always wanted people to know his side of things but since Hollywood won’t let Joe tell the story, Joe said “I’ll just have my own show.” The untitled miniseries will be called ‘Joe Exotic’ and it will follow his rise from the animal handler at SeaWorld Orlando before getting into the adult industry.

The man behind the zoo has a new project on his hands and it’s sure to be amazing. Joe Exotic Amazon Prime documentary series Untitled Joe Exotic Miniseries just got one step closer with the casting of Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin.

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Kyle MacLachlan in Untitled “Joe Exotic” Project

Kyle MacLachlan, best known for his starring role; in Twin Peaks. And the cult classic Showgirls will be Joe Exotic’s next star! Joe is currently working on an Untitled Joe Exoctic Miniseries; that stars Kyle as Howard Baskin.


The plot follows Joe (played by himself), a passionate animal activist; who travels to Africa; with his friend Jeff Taylor, a professional hunter; to hunt down General Juma – an African warlord; responsible for slaughtering elephants. And other endangered species. What they don’t know is that he has been hiding out; in America building up an army of mercenaries; planning to take over America; using animals from Utopia Animalia- a sanctuary; Joe created; when he was younger; after being saved.

Kyle MacLachlan Cast as Carole Baskin's Husband In Joe Exotic Miniseries

Source: Screen

Joe Exotic miniseries casting Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin. The “Joe Exotic” Miniseries follows; the adventures of Joe and his friends; in a fictional world; that is not too far removed from reality, but distinctly different. The miniseries (Exotics’ CEO) has been fighting rumors about him being an exotic animal breeder for years – he would just laugh them off until recently when they became more persistent. He knew then it was time to take action and set up this outside-the-norm show with some outrageous characters!

Are there any major spin-offs in the series?

In Untitled Joe Exotic Miniseries; we meet Joe’s long-lost brother Hal; who thinks he owns the family business because their dad had left everything to him before they found Joe. Joe and Hal are miles apart in terms of personality, Joe is a social butterfly that loves to be the center of attention while Hal is more introverted with an affinity for books. Joe wants to take over the family business but he’s not willing to tear his brother down by doing it so he gives him one final chance before turning on him.

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Kyle MacLachlan about his role in “Joe Exotic”

The Joe Exotic miniseries has just added Kyle MacLachlan to the cast! Mr. McLachlan will be playing Howard Baskin, who is Joe’s father and a scion of a powerful family with connections in politics, finance, law enforcement, and organized crime. “I’m thrilled that Joe gets to have this kindhearted man like his dad,” says Joe. “Howard was an important figure in my life.”

In addition to being proud of his character on Joe’s show for all these years, I’ve also been working hard at making him proud by creating positive change in what he calls our “political cesspool”…He said it gives him hope when he sees me doing well, but like Joe, he also worries about me and what I’m doing.


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