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Shocking Loki’s Villain is Miss Minutes – Everything Explained

Miss Minutes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a captivating experience for many fans. The franchise is only about to get bigger as it enters phase 3 and starts exploring the greater universe’s characters, however, some intriguing theories have emerged from the previous films which explain what might happen in future movies. One of them being Loki’s Villain Miss Minutes, who could be revealed as Thor’s true sister at some point in time.

Miss Minutes:

Miss Minutes is a fan-favorite among Loki’s villains, so we’re not surprised to see her return to the show! We just hope she gets more screen time than last season. If you’ve got any theories on who Miss Minutes might be, let us know in the comments below or tweet them at @Loki_Insider for discussion.

In this theory article that we wrote about Shocking Loki Villian Theory Explained, it talks about how r has a chance of becoming king and it’s one less person who can challenge her power which could also mean that she seems committed to getting Loki back into power but not as much with other villainous schemes from him in the past because he is missing again.

Loki’s real Villain is Miss Minutes!

The theory is based on the fact that in a comic book series Loki has an older sister, Angela. The story goes something like this: Thor and Loki was raised separately. One day they both found out about each other even though they had never met before, so of course, there was some sibling rivalry going on between them. Eventually, Loki found out his mother Frigga had another child with Odin called Angela who he decided to meet for himself through magic mirror portal thingies as part of his evil plan to take over Asgard (don’t worry it’s not obvious). When Thor first sees her he thinks she looks familiar but can’t place where from which is why the theory comes into play because apparently everyone feels the same way about her.

Shocking Loki theory reveals the true villain of MCU show | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express

Source: The Indian

The theory is that Angela could be Loki’s lost sister and Thor would know this because it doesn’t seem like they’re close to the point where he’d notice a change in appearance, or she could just look really similar to him for some other reason. The evidence behind this theory comes from her character traits which are very different from what you might expect of someone who was raised by Frigga (for example, she has no idea how Asgard functions as a society). She also seems to have none of Odin’s knowledge about magic – even though his article on its rules should help with any problem-solving skills needed when discovering new worlds. So if there was another person out there that would be able to understand them both then it would make sense that they might have taught her.

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In this theory, the person Loki is close to and shares much in common with could be Miss Minutes – but how?

The only way their relationship can work so far is if she was raising him while he thought Odin was still alive. This means that either Frigga has a huge secret (which seems unlikely) or Miss Minutes lied to both of them which would have helped her get by when dealing with two people who are as smart as herself. She’s also been able to convince Thor for centuries that Asgard needs someone new on its throne, which makes it seem like she knows what she’s doing… until you realize why we’re not seeing any guards around her palace! If Loki kills Odin, she’ll still be able to convince him that he needs her on the throne. It would mean Thor never has a chance of becoming king and it’s one less person who can challenge her power.

She seems committed to getting Loki back into power – but not so much with any other villainous schemes we’ve seen from him in the past! This makes us think Miss Minutes might just have been holding down the fort while he was gone (or maybe even before?) She could also be waiting for another opportunity where Loki is out cold again… which means we’re going to need more than our own guesswork if we want this theory confirmed or denied. We’ll need some help from someone who knows what they’re talking about!

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