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What we know about the “Bosch spinoff” Series!

Bosch Season 7

The Bosch spinoff series has been a huge hit for Amazon Prime and Bosch fans across the world. With its final season debuting this month, we thought it would be fun to break down everything that we know about Bosch so far. We’ve got all of the details on plot twists and cast changes in one place!

The Bosch spin-off is returning to Amazon Prime with new episodes later this year! As well as some fresh faces joining the cast, like Australian actress Susie Abromeit who plays FBI Agent Maya Dolan in “Chicago Justice” and Oscar nominee Michael K Williams from “The Wire.”

Bosch Season 7 Ending Explanation

A Bosch fan favorite, Trish Murtaugh (played by Annie Ilonzeh), is now a series regular. The showrunners have not ruled out the possibility of a happy ending with George and her after all these seasons!

We’ve got to admit we were pretty disappointed when Bosch Season Six ended on such an ominous note. Whilst Bosch was finally getting closer to clearing his name, he found himself at the mercy of new enemies who want him dead – and they are more powerful than ever before. We also didn’t get any closure for Bosch’s relationship with Lt Grace Billets (portrayed by Amy Aquino) or his partnership with Jerry Edgar (portrayed by Jason Gedrick).

What We Know About the 'Bosch' Spin-Off Series


But Bosch Season Seven left us with a lot of new questions. What’s going to happen now? When will Bosch finally find out who is behind the corruption and why they want him dead? And how will Bosch get back in touch with Lt Billets, his one true love (sorry Ange)? But most importantly – when does Bosch Season Seven start?!

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We also don’t know what happened to Bosch’s relationship with Grace or Jerry after their betrayal at Toms River. We had seen that Ellie had come clean about her past as an FBI agent for so long before she was found out by George… but we can only guess what would be happening next!

Will Bosch have a separate Spin-Off Series?

We’re not sure yet, but we can’t imagine Bosch’s story is over. There are so many unanswered questions – I’m sure Bosch has more in his arsenal to uncover the truth.

What we know about the “Bosch spinoff” Series! What’s going to happen now? When will Bosch finally find out who is behind the plot?

We can’t wait to find out! Bosch’s next adventure is yet unknown.


What we know about the Bosch spinoff Series

Haven’t seen Bosch in a while now; hopefully, it will come back with more episodes and answers to unsolved questions. Where does Bosch go from here after that last episode when he found himself betrayed by his friends? What are these new developments coming up for Bosch? There’s so much going on right now for him – what could happen next!? Will there be another series of “Bosch” or just one series finale where all our questions get answered at once finally?? We’ll see! But I’m sure Bosch has plans too. He always comes up with the most clever plans.

Bosch is a detective that doesn’t stop looking for answers, and he always wants to solve his cases and find out who committed the crime. He has some friends, but it seems they are not really on his side at all – what’s going on? Bosch also likes music, very much in particular jazz music! He often listens to it while working or just when he feels like relaxing after work. Jazz music makes Bosch feel good and happy because of how energetic it is, apparently! We’ll see if this will be part of the Bosch spinoff series too…Who knows? Maybe now more than ever before, those three little words from Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue will sound differently to Bosch, “So what?”

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Cast and Character Speculations for the Bosch Spin-Off Series

Bosch spinoff series to include Bosch’s daughter, Maddie Bosch!

Bosch is the only cast member confirmed by Amazon Prime Video; more casting announcements are coming soon.


Bosch has a daughter…named MADDIE BOSCH! Will she be in the show? We’ll have to wait and see..though we’re ready for it now,. If you are, please announce it sooner than later because I’m so excited!!!

Others speculated to be a part of the spin-off series are:

  • Welliver
  • Overmyer
  • Tom Bernardo
  • Zetna Fuentes
  • Henrik Bastin

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