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Innocent Season 2: Is it Continued? Cast, Released Date and Rating

Innocent Season 2

Innocent Season 2 is it continued? cast, release date, and rating. This post will answer all your questions about the series. We’ll be looking at Innocent season 1 for a start to see what we can expect in the second installment of this show.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most important details about Innocent Season 2: Will there be more episodes? Is there an official release date? What’s the rating so far? How many people watched episode 1 on TV or online? Who are you likely to see in Season 2 if you didn’t catch them in Season 1?

How many episodes are in Season 2?

Innocent Season One had 13 episodes. (We’re not sure if there will be a second season yet, but we’ll update you on any official announcements!)

What’s the release date of season 2?

The first episode aired in June 2018. The series was released by Netflix and BBC Two.


What is the rating?

It has an R rating for violence, language, drug use, and sexual content/nudity – meaning people aged under 17 can’t watch it without adult supervision or permission from their parents or guardians.

cast members of Innocent season 2:

Alongside Kelly, whose recent credits include Cheat, Liar, and Criminal, Jamie Bamber (Strike Back and Battlestar Galactica) plays her ex, probation officer Sam.

“Sally’s been immensely hurt that he’s turned his back on her. She’s hoping that now she’s been cleared, everything can go back to the way it was, and they can heal together,” says Kelly. “But he’s moved on, and she finds that hard to accept. He was the only man for her — that’s what’s got her through those five years in prison — and she’ll fight for that until the very end.”

The Innocent Season 2: Will the show renewed? Release Date, Plot Details -  Daily Research Plot

Source: Daily Research

Meanwhile, Industry’s Priyanga Burford is Sam’s fiancée, Karen, and Ackley Bridge’s Amy-Leigh Hickman is Karen’s teenage daughter Bethany. It’s A Sin’s Shaun Dooley also stars as DCI Mike Braithwaite, who is dealing with his own tragic past while re-opening the investigation into Matty’s killing to find out who was responsible.

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What’s Innocent Season 2 about?

Innocent Season 2 sees Sally return to her Lake District hometown of Keswick after her release. But her dreams of picking up where she left off are shattered as rumors are still rife about her and Matty, and the school won’t reinstate her in her old job. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Sam is about to get married again, but can she win him back?


“She has been tried by the press, and people in her small community have made their minds up too. That’s intensely frustrating,” says Kelly. “Sally’s steely and wants to reclaim her life, but she’s chosen not to be angry. I recognized that in women in my life — stuff has happened to them, but they just get on with it. I haven’t seen that much in a heroine on screen. Sally has a quiet strength, and I wanted to play her because of that.”

Difference between the two seasons?

The difference between the two seasons is that the first season was about her trying to get back into society, while in the second season, she has tried to reclaim life. Kelly loves playing Sally Parker but also enjoys working with Alicia as well: “Alicia really gets me excited, which I find quite rare on set! She talks at 100mph, so it makes for an interesting day!” Yes, the show worth watching because of its thrilling and suspenseful storyline. There are plenty of twists throughout this series, along with great dialogue from both writers and actors alike.

“I don’t think you can have a second until you’ve had your first because people would be watching with different eyes,” says Kelly of the show’s success. “It just took off.”

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Favorite character?

Kelly loves playing Sally Parker but also enjoys working with Alicia as well: “Alicia really gets me excited, which I find quite rare on set! She talks at 100mph, so it makes for an interesting day!”


Is it worth watching?

Yes, the show has a dramatic and gripping storyline.

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