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Chapelwaite Season 1: Release Date, Storyline, Theme, Cast, and Latest Updates!

Chaptislie Season 1

Can’t wait to watch Chapelwaite Season 1 on Netflix? You’re not alone. But what is the Chapelwaite release date? What’s the Chapelwaite plotline? Who’s in Chapelwaite cast? Is there a Chapelwaite trailer yet and are there any other updates about chapelwaite?

In this post, we answer all your questions! We’ll also give you an overview of Chapelwaites so that when season 1 premieres on Netflix you’ll be ready to dive right in.

Chapelwaite Official Release Date

The Chapelwaite release date is coming up really soon! It’s scheduled for August 22nd, 2021. The Season will be full of Horror and drama, which can prove to be very intriguing.

Chapelwaite Plotline

You can’t find the chapelwaite plot on Netflix but we’ll give you an overview of what it entails to help set your mind at ease before watching season one and getting into spoilers. The chapelwaite story revolves around a group of friends who attend Chapelwaite’s – church services that take place in people’s homes or neighborhood meeting halls rather than churches. These “chandeliers” share their faith and strengthen friendships over meals together after chapel sessions are finished. But when someone close to them starts behaving erratically, their unchanging ways threaten everything they have ever loved.


Set in a small chapel on the edge of Exmoor, Chapelwaite tells the story of how one family is torn apart by forces beyond their control. The chapel’s community gathers around to offer support as they try to keep hope alive. But it’s not all plain sailing – this series will explore themes including faith, love, friendship, and self-discovery against an idyllic backdrop that can’t be ignored…

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Furthermore, there are elements from fairy tales such as Snow White (the seven dwarves) Sleeping Beauty (true love), Cinderella (glass slippers). There are also connections with Hamlet for example when Hubert buys his father’s sword after being told about “father’s broken promise” and Hamlet’s “broken contract”.

Some scenes were filmed in the chapel gardens which add a sense of timelessness to the series.

The chapel is an important focal point for worship, contemplation, hope, love, and self-discovery so this will be prominent throughout every episode.


The theme of the show

The chapelwaite theme harkens back to what it was like in church before people started looking at each other differently due to political or social affiliations – where you’re not judged because you act differently from others; rather, you are accepted no matter what your beliefs might be because we all need a place where we can be truly ourselves.

"Chapelwaite": Emily Hampshire Joins EPIX "Jerusalem's Lot" Series

Source: Bleeding

Cast of Chapelwaite

Some of the stars who have been confirmed for Chapelwaite Season 1 are listed below:

  • Adrien Brody
  • Sirena Gulamgaus
  • Jennifer Ens
  • Emily Hampshire
  • Ian Ho
  • Genevieve DeGraves
  • Glenn Lefchak
  • Michael Hough

Will Chapelwaite be worth binge-watching?

Yes, there are many reasons to watch Chapelwaite. Firstly, it’s a family show that is truly wholesome and free of any bad language or violence; which leaves parents with peace of mind while they’re out doing errands! Secondly, the actors who have been confirmed for chapelwaite season one; all seem genuinely excited about this project.

Thirdly, chapelwaite season one will be available on iTunes in just six months from now; so you can binge-watch as much as you want without having to wait weeks; between episodes! Lastly, chapelwaite has the potential to become addictive. Because its storylines follow biblical principles but throw in some twists here and there. So if you’re an impatient person who likes figuring out what happens next before the story is finished, chapelwaite may be for you!

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Where can I watch Chapelwaite? Should I watch it?

Chapelwaite Season One will be available on iTunes in just six months from now so parents don’t have to worry about keeping their kids entertained while they’re out running errands. Secondly, the actors who’ve been confirmed for chapelwaite season one seem genuinely excited and interested in this project.

Chapelwaite season one is a web series that’s only released once per week instead of airing live every day or two as some other shows do, it’ll give viewers plenty of time between episodes to binge-watch as much as they want without having to wait weeks before the next episode comes up. Lastly, chapelwaite has the potential to become addictive because of its humor and charm.


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