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Latest Updates: Will Secret Invasion cast Norman Osborn?

Secret Invasion cast

Some major updates are coming to the Norman Osborn storyline in Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Norman Osborn will be one of the main villains in this story and it has been confirmed that Norman Osborn will not only play a central role in this event, but he’ll also have his own series following its conclusion.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion Storyline

In Marvel’s Secret Invasion storyline, Norman Osborn is revealed to be HYDRA leader after being brainwashed by Loki. He oversees an army of sleeper agents including everyone from S.H.I.E.L.D agents to the Avengers themselves! Norman Osborn then becomes part of Iron Patriot before eventually taking over as head of HAMMER at Tony Stark’s request due to his need for better weapons against aliens coming from outer space such as Thor or Captain America (who Norman Osborn had betrayed in the first place).

After Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn is not seen again until Siege. Norman Osborn invades Asgard with a brainwashed Thor under his control and battles Steve Rogers (Captain America) who he gives an ultimatum to He’ll kill Tony Stark or Cap has to shut down SHIELD and all of its helicarriers. Steve picks Iron Man over Captain America, leading Norman Norman Osborn’s HYDRA forces into fighting against S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, Black Panther & Wakanda as well as heroes from around the world such as Shang-chi!

Will Secret Invasion cast Norman Osborn?

Norman Osborn’s potential involvement in the Secret Invasion storyline was revealed after Marvel Comics’ editor, Tom Brevoort announced that a “major player” would be joining the invaders.


Norman has been seen as an antagonist for years and his return to comic books could offer up some interesting possibilities for plot development.

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The outer section of this post will cover Norman: who is he? what are his motivations? What does it mean if Norman becomes involved with the alien invasion storyline and how can we expect him to change from then on.?

Norman Osborn, also known by many other aliases such as The Green Goblin or Red Death, is one of Spiderman’s most well-known rogues. He made his debut in the comics as a scientist with Norman Osborn and Alexi Shostakov. Norman was an expert chemist, engineer, and inventor who built many of his own devices for crime-fighting or to get back at Spiderman.

Marvel's Secret Invasion: Who Is Christopher McDonald Playing?


Norman started as an antagonist but eventually became one of Peter’s greatest allies against Norman’s nemesis, Dr. Otto Octavius better known by his villain name: Doctor Octopus.

Will Norman Osborn play a villain in Secret Invasion?

In recent years; Norman has been seen more on the side of good. Rather than evil. Though he is not exactly thought of as a hero either; Norman would be best described today; as anti-heroic or morally ambiguous; which makes him such an interesting character; to explore. Because there are so many possibilities; for Norman. The actor has a long history in comics, one of the most iconic being; his time as Marvel’s Green Goblin. He was also an antagonist; during Peter Parker’s first marriage to MJ Watson. And for the majority of their relationship, Norman was always trying to have Spiderman killed. Or otherwise hurt; so that he could get back at him; for his role.


Norman Osborn is currently a senior associate; of Tony Stark (Iron Man) in New York City. And often helps with logistics. Though Norman does not typically dress up like The Iron Patriot anymore, this doesn’t mean that Norman will never again don the suit. There are plenty more opportunities out there where Norman may need to be dressed up to protect himself from harm-crime fighting or getting revenge.

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Secret Invasion confirmed Characters

Norman Osborn is set to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming comic-book blockbuster, Secret Invasion.

The news came from a variety of sources that Norman will be making his first live-action debut on screen as one of the Chitauri invaders and we can’t wait to see him do it!

Some Avengers who might be seen in the series are Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Wasp, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four!


Will Secret Invasion Series be worth binge-watching?

The series Secret Invasion is set to be one of the most anticipated Marvel shows in 2021. Therefore, we can definitely say the series is going to be a big Marvel hit. And all fans must watch it at least once.

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