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Are You Excited About Coyote Season 2?

Cayote Season 2

Coyote Season 2 is coming to Netflix, and we are so excited! If you don’t know what Coyote Season 1 is about, it’s about a coyote that must navigate human society and his own beliefs to survive. Like most animals, he has been driven out of his habitat by humans so they can build their homes on it.

Coyote Season 2 Release Details:

CBS has not announced whether “Coyote” will be renewed for a second season. This is six months after the first season debuted on January 7th.

Since the announcement of Season 1, star Michael Chiklis has made his feelings clear to the public on Twitter, stating on March 13, “Can’t wait to get back to work” for “Coyote.” Whatever his intentions are with this post from April 14 – it neither means that Coyote is canceled or return.

Despite being one of the flagships shows on the Paramount+ network, “Coyote” would seem to have a better shot at renewal than the average TV show.


Coyote season 2 as of November 2020, the coyote was originally scheduled for the Paramount Network, but CBS moved the series to CBS All Access due to its rebranding on March 4.

Moving a series starring Michael Chiklis and originally intended as CBS’ anchor show on Paramount+ can be taken to signal that this was their intention for “Coyote.”

CBS doesn’t share viewership numbers for streaming platforms, but it would be surprising if “Coyote” was a total flop.

Coyote Season 2 Cast Details:

It is unclear whether CBS “Coyote” will be renewed for Season 2, but there are no specific details about it. If there were to be a season two, it is likely “Coyote” would include at least one new character.


However, just who this character might be or who would play them remains an unknown. Right now, all we can do is confirm that Season 2 of Coyote would have a similar cast to Season 1. Michael Chiklis will presumably reprise his role as Ben Clemens.

Coyote Season 2: Release Date and Preview - OtakuKart


The show would not be the same without Juan Pablo Raba as its main villain, the cartel leader. Kristyan Ferrer and Octavio Pisano will probably return as cartel members Dante and Sultan, respectively.

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The “Coyote” team has already come up with a list of actors they hope to have returned for season two, including Silvia, the local taqueria owner (Adriana Paz), and Homeland Security agent Holly Vincent (Cynthia McWilliams).

Coyote Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

Detectives Briggs and Flynn were just able to bring down El Jefe on the night of his son’s birthday celebration, but they’ve learned that he has a long list of other enemies. After the shooting in “Coyote” Season 1, Alizae fled to Atlanta with her grandmother.

She is determined not to be used as a pawn again by following Chavez’s orders and will do whatever it takes to get away from him. After defeating the Zamora cartel in season 1, Ben’s work had attracted CIA attention, and he pitched himself as a CI.


Season 2 of Coyote would presumably pick up with Ben caught in the middle between the cartel, former US Customs and Border Protection coworkers, and the CIA. But he already has violated his sense of justice by smuggling María back to El Paso across the border.

Season 1 introduced us to Ben, a potential CIA mole, who negotiated the release of his kidnapped daughter with this ultimate betrayal of the States. If “Coyote” does return for season 2, it will be more difficult than ever to keep up appearances and survive.

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