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Truth to Be Told Season 2: Who’s in it, and What is the Plot?


“Truth to Be Told Season 2: Who’s in it, and What is the Plot?” This is a question that many people have been asking because they are so excited about this new season. In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions for you! The cast consists of Kyla Pratt as Keisha, Amber Stevens West as Lisa, and Christopher Ellis as Marcus.

The plot is set in the present day, and it consists of a cast of three characters. Keisha has two kids, one with her ex-husband Marcus (who’s played by Christopher Ellis) and another from an affair she had while he was incarcerated when they were both teenagers. Lisa is the new girlfriend that Marcus brings home to meet his family during the season; she also happens to be white, which makes everything more complicated for everyone involved. The big question will be if their relationship can withstand those complications!

Then we have Sasha, Keisha’s oldest daughter. She has a teenage pregnancy scare in the season premiere, which leads her to contemplate how she wants to live life and who the father of her child should be-a a white guy or an incarcerated black man?

In episode two, Marcus tries to give his family money, but Keisha is against it because he was not around for their children growing up. Lisa gets pregnant too! The third episode will deal with that shocker event. It also deals with what they do when one of them falls sick while on vacation, and someone else helps out. These are some tough issues that come up in this series, so you won’t want to miss any episodes!


What will be in the Series?

Truth Be Told Season 2: Kate Hudson Joins Octavia Spencer in Apple TV+  Series


Keisha Pearson-She is married to Marcus, who has been in prison for the last 15 years. She bears four children with him, and she does not want her youngest three daughters (Sasha, Lisa, Mona) to know that he’s incarcerated because of how it would affect them emotionally. Keisha tries to make ends meet by working two jobs as a teacher at an elementary school and a waitress at night while taking care of their home.

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Marcus Pearson-He was wrongfully convicted after being arrested on drug charges when his wife was pregnant with Sasha during the 1990s crack epidemic, which swept through black neighborhoods around America like wildfire–leaving behind economic destruction, addiction, death, and despair. He left behind a wife and a young daughter.

Marcus has been in prison for the last 15 years after being convicted of murder following an investigation led by Detective Brian Murphy, who became obsessed with Marcus because he was rebuffed when his advances were rejected by Keisha during their first date. Now, 17 years later–Detective Murphy is back on the case to arrest another man (Nick Ford), who is now accused of shooting Mayor Lawrence Williams Sr.—who had previously given Nick a $33 million contract that gave him power over most things related to construction projects in Camden. The mayor’s son also pointed out that Nick may have used some funds from those contracts improperly or committed bribery…

This season will show how far Detective Murphy will go to find Marcus, even if it means taking down the mayor’s son.

This show is for anyone who enjoys a good detective story and figuring out “who done it.” It has some suspenseful moments but also heartwarming ones as well—particularly with Keisha and her family dealing with their father being shot in an assassination attempt.


The cast of The Truth to Be Told Season Two:

The Truth to Be Told Season Two cast includes: Adrienne C. Moore (Rose), Andre Royo (Bunk Moreland from The Wire), Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X), Richard Belzer (Detective Munch); Idara Victor-Dukes plays Detective Murphy’s daughter, Maya; Jonathan Whitesell stars as Nick Ford; Tyler James Williams plays Mayor Lawrence Williams’ son Marcus, and Mo’Nique plays Keisha’s mother.

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In the second season of The Truth to Be Told, we find out that Yancey is guarding Maya in jail when she suffers a seizure and has to be rushed to the hospital. Sarah scrambles for help from her friends while trying not to break any rules with Maya in custody. After medical tests are done, it becomes clear that there’s something seriously wrong with Maya, but what can they do about this?

Release details:

Truth to Be Told Season 2 will release episodes weekly starting Friday, Aug. 20. Created by Nichelle Tramble Spellman.

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