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Tiny pretty things season 2- What will be there? Know everything about the new season!

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

What will happen in the new season? What is it about? How can I watch it? These are all questions that you might have when reading this post. To answer them, we need to first talk about what happened in the previous season. Season 1 was about how a group of girls who were friends since childhood became high school mean girls and bullied someone they shouldn’t have. Finally, by the end of the show, they realized their mistakes and promised never to do it again. Will they keep their promises or not – only time will tell!

Who is starting in the new season?

Shania, Tamar, Katheryn, and Lizzie (The original four girls)

Lauren – a new girl who is the school’s “it girl” and has taken over the high school as her own. She strives for perfection in everything she does, but it doesn’t seem to be working for her this time!

Demi – This queen bee got herself expelled from Timberlawn High School because of all the mean things she did to people at school and also attempted suicide after being betrayed by one of her best friends. Now that she is back on campus again with no boundaries whatsoever (I know, right? It seems like every day there are more restrictions)

Tiny Pretty Things' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far | Glamour


What will be the plot?

With Cassie’s reemergence from her coma, she confirmed that her fall was no accident. Soon, the person who pushed her was revealed: Delia. It turns out Delia was in love with Ramon, who was having an affair with Cassie, and Delia acted out against Cassie in a fit of jealousy and rage. Plus, the plot gets even more complicated as Delia framed her own sister Bette and their mother knew about it the whole time. All of this is more than enough unresolved drama for a second season to pick up on — but, to take it a step further, another mysterious crime is thrown into the mix. In the final moments of the Season 1 finale, it’s revealed that Ramon has been stabbed. The last shot is of Ramon lying on the ground with a knife in his chest and blood pooling out of the wound.

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The Tiny Pretty Things season 1 finale reveals the truth about Cassie’s injuries. The dominoes fall when June Park (Daniela Norman) spots Bette’s older sister, Delia (Tory Trowbridge), and recalls seeing the same body movements on the night of the attack. The Whitelaw family matriarch, Katrina (Michelle Nolden), admits to Bette that she knew the truth all along and believes that it would be best for her to take the fall as a minor.

During the big “Ripper” performance in the Tiny Pretty Things season 1 finale, the headmistress Monique Dubois (Lauren Holly) is publicly exposed for her role in introducing students to male creeps at the Michi Beach Club. In a final twist, it’s revealed that Ramon (Bayardo De Murguia) has been murdered, which is significant because he previously had sexual relationships with both Cassie and Delia. For Tiny Pretty Things season 2, Cassie will presumably emerge as the focal mean girl and raise hell at the Archer School of Ballet. Plus, there are plenty of students and adults with secrets to protect, so it’s going to get real saucy in the second series installment on Netflix.

Released date:

As of now, “Tiny Pretty Things” has not been renewed for a second season. Even though the series hasn’t been renewed yet, there’s still time for it to receive that Season 2 confirmation; four months after its release date may seem like too long not to have any renewal news, but COVID-19 has affected just about every series and film production, so the news may just be a bit behind. Further, a renewal seems likely considering that “Tiny Pretty Things” quickly made its way to the top of Netflix’s trending shows right after its release (via PureWow).

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Unfortunately, it may be a bit before a second season is released if it does get that coveted renewal. The first season took about a year between its series announcement and actual season release, so if that is anything to go off of, then viewers will likely have to wait the same amount of time before they get new episodes (via Marie-Claire). Specifically, depending on when Netflix announces a renewal, the second season could be coming out sometime in 2022.


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