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Raven’s Home Season 5: Renewal Status, Air Date, Cast Members, Rumours and Plot Details!

Ravens Home Season 5

Raven’s Home Season 5 has been confirmed and is set to premiere on Disney Channel in 2021-22. The show will continue the adventures of Raven Baxter and her family as they adjust to a new normal after Raven’s mom moves out of their home. This article discusses the renewal status, air date, cast members, rumours, and plot details, including what we know so far about season 5!

The Cast of Ravon’s Home Season 5:

The cast of Raven’s Home season five is yet to be confirmed. However, we know that Raven Baxter will return as the protagonist, and rumours suggest that Chelsea Daniels may come back in a recurring role too! The story of what happened after Raven’s mom moves out has not been revealed, but it seems likely that this might happen at some point during the fifth season due to confirmation for renewal. We also expect Raven’s dad Victor to appear since he was absent from Seasons four and three following his divorce from Raven’s mom Tanya (although she did have a one-night stand with him). He could potentially act as a love interest or father figure due to her absence which would provide interesting plot points.

Plot Speculations for Season 5 of Raven’s Home:

Speaking of Raven’s mom Tanya, she moves in with her new boyfriend, Mike, who seems like a great guy. However, there were rumours that he might not appear in the fifth season due to his absence from Season four and three following their divorce, which would suggest it is unlikely for him to remain absent for long!

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In addition, we can expect Chelsea Daniels’ character Skyler back as a recurring guest star this time around. This was confirmed by actress Anneliese van der Pol on Twitter, so it will provide some continuity throughout the series!


The plot details are yet to be revealed, but it has been claimed that Raven Baxter may have given birth during one of the seasons though this information cannot currently be verified. It is unknown whether Raven’s Home Season Five will be the final season of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raven’s Home Season 5:

What is Raven’s Home about?

Raven’s Home is a spin-off TV series to the original show That’s So Raven. It follows Raven Baxter (played by Raven-Symone), who now has three children; Nia (portrayed by Navia Robinson), Booker (Issac Ryan Brown), and Levi Valentine Thomas Jr., The family, lives together in the new home that they bought with money raised on social media through Kickstarter.

This season of Raven’s Home will follow the same format as previous seasons, which means it will be primarily made up of 30-minute episodes with no advertisements throughout each episode so viewers can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

Raven-Symoné Doesn't Know if Raven's Home Season 5 Will Happen

Source: Screen

What is the release date of Raven’s Home Season 5?

Ravens home season 5 is the 5th season of the Disney Channel original series Raven’s home, which premiered on July 21st, 2017; it has all of the same main cast. Season 5 is speculated to premiere on January 11th, 2022; it follows season 4, and now the characters are sophomores as they develop more thought into their careers and opportunities.

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Raven’s Home season one premiered on July 21st, 2017, and it has all of the same main cast as before. It follows a girl; named Raven Baxter, who is now living with her divorced mother; in Chicago, Illinois. After she lost both her husband and son; to an accident that happened; when Raven was only eight years old. The series will show how these two women live together; while also trying to maintain a normal life; without forgetting what they had been through; over the years. This will involve their new friends, neighbours, and family members; whom they have never met; or seen while growing up. Because they were not present; throughout those times like others may be.


This season introduces some new characters, such as Nia Long, where we are shown the relationship between Raven and her birth mother. There is also a new school for kids who have been adopted because they are different from others in their schools or towns where Raven is quick to make friends with them, which helps other children find acceptance within themselves.

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