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“Friends Reunion” Reviews, Ratings, Best Moments, and Plot Explained!

Friends Reunion

Friends Reunion is a new series that first aired on Netflix on December 18th, 2018. It’s the Friends reunion we’ve all been waiting for! Join these six friends from 1994 and watch them reunite in present-day New York City.

This show is best enjoyed with your friends or family members, but you can also enjoy it alone because it’s just that good. Friends Reunion has only three episodes so far, so go ahead and binge-watch them now before they release more episodes later this year!

About the Show:

In Friends Reunion, these six friends are reunited and share their best moments. The first episode features Joey Tribbiani’s (Matt LeBlanc) first meeting with his daughter Emma, whom he was told about by Rachel Green in Season ten of “Friends.” It also includes the moment where Chandler Bing gets back together with Kathy Trockman after she left him at the altar on her wedding day. Episode two is all about Phoebe Buffay, who has a blast listening to music from 1994 while riding on an elevator! In Friends Reunion episode three, it shows Ross Geller finally finding out that Marcel is still alive and living in New York City, as well as visiting Monica Gellar for one last time before they say goodbye forever.

Friends Reunion Reviews:

The series Friends Reunion episode one was a great start to this series. We get to see the six friends, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Ross Geller, Rachel Green-Monica Gellar-Phoebe Buffay, and Monica’s husband, Richard Burke, finally, come back together after ten years of not seeing each other or speaking with each other due to bad blood between them. Friends reunion episode two had some pretty hilarious moments as well.


Brief about the episodes:

The first season Friends Reunion episodes were all about how these six friends who haven’t seen or spoken in ten long years are going to reunite for Christmas time in New York City where they live, but when their wars from before surface, it becomes clear that revenge is on their minds. Friends reunion episode three has a lot of funny moments as well, and in this season, the friendships are on fire, relationships are changing, and new romances start to form.

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Friends Reunion Episode Five had some great scenes from Monica going into labour while watching her youngest son Jack play basketball to Joey finally getting his dream acting gig to Chandler writing off his best friend Ross with one sentence without thinking twice about him because he was mad but then regretting it right after he did it which led him down the moral dilemma of what he should do.

The Friends Reunion Season Four finale; was a good one and had some really great scenes, like when the gang finally gets out to Vegas. Rachel is reunited with her baby daughter Emma; for the first time in two years, Ross tells his son Ben; about how much he loves him before they head back home; after their long visit together, which led them both into tears because it’s been so hard on them not seeing each other all this time but also Chandler goes off-script at his acting gig by telling Ross that if you can’t forgive your best friend then who will? And even though Joey didn’t get the part he auditioned for in Las Vegas, instead of playing a waiter serving food, Monica likes to watch The Friends Reunion.

Rating Of “Friends Reunion” On IMDB: N/A – This Is A New Release!

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Best Moment In “Friends Reunion”:

Monica going into labour while watching her youngest son play basketball. The scene is so raw, and the actress conveys such a powerful emotion that it’s hard not to get emotional as well. It shows how much she loves her children without having to say anything at all.

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Plot Explained As Follows (No Spoilers):

Friends Reair is about friendships; between people changing over time in life. And new romances starting which form throughout the season of Friends; there are five episodes from start to finish.

The Friends Reunion is really a great episode where the whole group gets together for a reunion; at Central Perk, it’s just like old times, and all of their friends are back! It was also nice to see glimpses into what Monica has been up to; in Vegas with her restaurant, which eventually closes down because she can’t afford it anymore (a running theme throughout the series).

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