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Bosch Season 7 – When Does The Series Return? Trailer, Premiere Date, Cast, Storyline and All Recent Updates!

Bosch Season 7

Bosch is a police procedural series, which follows Detective Harry Bosch as he solves crimes in modern-day Los Angeles. Boschs searches for justice. And becomes obsessed with making amends to victims, who have been denied real closure; due to mistakes made by law enforcement; in California’s criminal justice system from 1966 – 1988. When does Season Seven premiere? What are critics saying about it so far? And what do we know about season eight now that it’s confirmed? All your pressing Bosch questions will be answered right here!

What is the series’ story?

Bosch tells the police procedural and legal mystery stories of a Los Angeles detective’s cases and personal life. The show follows Harry Bosch, an LAPD homicide detective who has been filmed for over two decades as he solves crimes in modern-day LA. His searches become obsessive to make amends to victims denied real justice due to mistakes made by law enforcement – from 1966 – 1988.

Who will we see in season seven? Is there going to be a new cast member or recurring character introduced this year?

There are no new characters added, but Michael Connelly does play himself once again in one episode! We do not know yet if Bosch will be in season eight, but Connelly has said he would like to do a ninth.

When Will Bosch Season 7 Arrive On Amazon?


What is the release date of Season Seven?

We are not sure when it’s coming back on as there hasn’t been an announcement from Amazon Prime. But we can confirm that filming for this series was completed around last summer, and we’re guessing October may be a possible return! However, their original tweet was posted November 30th so stay tuned! It looks like they might premiere at some point in June 2021.


Bosch Season Seven will premiere on Amazon Prime on 25th June 2021.

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Reviews of the previous seasons:

“Bosch Season Seven has left me in awe as it delivered something new to the series that I thought may only be possible in season one.” – Eric, Bosch Fan

Season Seven has been one of the best so far in this series. Bosch as a character is maturing and evolving with each season, which I love seeing.” – Nina, Bosch Fan.

“The final scene in Bosch Season Six left me teary-eyed in awe at how well it was executed. It’s clear that they’re not just going through the motions anymore and are giving genuine thought to these characters.” – Anna, Bosch Fan


“I love every moment of Bosche because it feels like we’ve finally regained some momentum after last season!” – Kylie, Bosche fan.

The Plot of Bosch Season 7:

Bosch and his team must solve a crime where the murderer is targeting homeless veterans. Bosch has to work with an FBI agent who knows Bosch’s past, which brings up more personal complications for him.

We don’t have many details about what season seven of Bosche will entail just yet, but there may still be plenty of surprises left in store for both viewers and characters alike when it premieres next year.” – Eric, Boscher Fan.

The cast of Bosche season Seven:


The show stars Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch and Amy Aquino as Lt. Grace Billets. Other main cast members are Jamie Hector (Jerry Edgar), Madison Lintz (Jessica George) & Lance Reddick (Irvin Irving). Guest appearances in the seventh season have not yet been announced, but if history is any indication, then there’ll be some excellent surprises waiting for us when it does!

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Is Bosch Season 7 worth watching?

Bosch Season Six left off with a cliffhanger to Bosch’s case being investigated by his daughter. The seventh season will be all about that case, as it gets even more complicated in this new instalment of Bosch.

It has been confirmed that there are six episodes for Bosch Season Seven, and they’re not yet sure how long each episode is going to be because they still have five scripts (in the works) – but based on previous seasons’ lengths, we can assume that they’ll plan out around two hours per episode.

Don’t forget: Amazon Prime Video shared one final teaser before Bosch returned after a hiatus from filming; check it out below!


Expect an unexpected face showing up at some point in Bosch Season Seven, and Joe will be on the case to figure out who it is.

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