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Suman Bery: A Renowned Economist Shaping India’s Economic Landscape

suman bery

suman bery

Suman Bery is a prominent economist who has made significant contributions to India’s economic development. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he has played a crucial role in shaping policies and strategies that have propelled India’s growth story. In this article, we will delve into the life and work of Suman Bery, exploring his achievements, insights, and impact on India’s economy.

Early Life and Education

Suman Bery was born in New Delhi, India, in 1954. He completed his schooling in Delhi and went on to pursue higher education at prestigious institutions. Bery obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. He then pursued a Master’s degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, where he developed a deep understanding of economic theories and principles.

Professional Career

After completing his education, Suman Bery embarked on a remarkable professional journey that spanned several decades. He held various influential positions in renowned organizations, both in India and abroad.

1. Director-General of the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)

Suman Bery served as the Director-General of NCAER, one of India’s leading economic research institutions. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s research agenda and providing valuable insights into India’s economic landscape. Bery’s research focused on a wide range of areas, including trade, investment, and macroeconomic policies.


2. Chief Economist at the Royal Dutch Shell Group

Following his stint at NCAER, Suman Bery joined the Royal Dutch Shell Group as their Chief Economist. In this role, he provided strategic guidance on global economic trends and their implications for the energy sector. Bery’s expertise in macroeconomics and energy markets proved invaluable in shaping Shell’s business strategies.

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3. Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

Suman Bery is currently a Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), a renowned think tank based in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, he continues to contribute to economic research and policy analysis, focusing on issues related to emerging economies, trade, and globalization.

Contributions to India’s Economic Development

Suman Bery’s contributions to India’s economic development are vast and far-reaching. His research and policy recommendations have influenced key decision-makers and helped shape India’s economic policies. Let’s explore some of his notable contributions:

1. Trade and Investment Policies

Bery’s research on trade and investment policies has provided valuable insights into the benefits of liberalization and globalization. His work has emphasized the importance of opening up the Indian economy to foreign investment and trade, leading to increased competitiveness and economic growth. Bery’s recommendations have influenced policy decisions, resulting in significant reforms in India’s trade and investment regime.


2. Macroeconomic Policies

As an expert in macroeconomics, Suman Bery has made significant contributions to India’s macroeconomic policies. His research has focused on issues such as fiscal consolidation, monetary policy, and inflation targeting. Bery’s insights have helped policymakers formulate effective strategies to maintain macroeconomic stability and promote sustainable growth.

3. Energy and Environment

Bery’s expertise in energy economics has been instrumental in shaping India’s energy policies. His research has highlighted the need for a balanced approach that addresses both energy security and environmental sustainability. Bery’s recommendations have influenced the formulation of policies promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development.

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Insights and Perspectives

Suman Bery’s extensive research and experience have provided him with unique insights into India’s economic challenges and opportunities. His perspectives on various economic issues have been widely sought after by policymakers, business leaders, and academia. Let’s explore some of his key insights:

1. Importance of Structural Reforms

Bery emphasizes the significance of structural reforms in driving long-term economic growth. He believes that reforms in areas such as labor markets, land acquisition, and taxation are essential to enhance productivity, attract investments, and create employment opportunities.


2. Role of Technology and Innovation

According to Bery, technology and innovation play a crucial role in driving economic transformation. He advocates for policies that promote research and development, encourage entrepreneurship, and foster a culture of innovation. Bery believes that embracing new technologies can help India leapfrog in various sectors and enhance its global competitiveness.

3. Inclusive Growth and Social Development

Bery emphasizes the importance of inclusive growth and social development in India’s economic agenda. He believes that economic policies should be designed to reduce income inequality, alleviate poverty, and improve access to education and healthcare. Bery’s insights have influenced policymakers to prioritize social welfare programs and initiatives that promote inclusive growth.


1. What are some of Suman Bery’s notable publications?

Suman Bery has authored several publications on various economic topics. Some of his notable works include “India’s Services Revolution: A Review of Recent Evidence and Implications for Policy,” “India’s Trade Policy Choices: Managing Diverse Challenges,” and “India’s Energy Security: Prospects and Challenges.”

2. How has Suman Bery’s research influenced policy decisions in India?

Suman Bery’s research has had a significant impact on policy decisions in India. His insights and recommendations have influenced reforms in trade and investment policies, macroeconomic policies, and energy policies. Bery’s research has provided evidence-based arguments that have shaped policy discussions and influenced key decision-makers.


3. What is Suman Bery’s view on India’s economic reforms?

Bery believes that India’s economic reforms have been instrumental in driving growth and transforming the economy. However, he emphasizes the need for further reforms, particularly in areas such as labor markets, land acquisition, and taxation. Bery believes that sustained reforms are essential to unleash India’s full economic potential.

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4. How has Suman Bery contributed to the global economic discourse?

Suman Bery’s contributions to the global economic discourse are significant. As a Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, he has engaged in research and policy analysis on emerging economies, trade, and globalization. Bery’s insights have enriched the global understanding of economic issues and influenced discussions on international economic cooperation.

5. What is Suman Bery’s vision for India’s economic future?

Bery envisions a future for India’s economy that is characterized by sustained and inclusive growth. He believes that India has immense potential to become a global economic powerhouse. Bery emphasizes the importance of continued reforms, investment in human capital, and

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