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Sports massage is an indispensable assistant for professional athletes and actively training people. Let’s find out what this type of massage is, to whom, and how it is useful. Disclaimer. Once and for all: sports massage is not equal to tin and pain. It can be more intense due to a large amount of rubbing and a little deeper than usual.

What is it

Sports massage is a complex of classical techniques that contribute to the physical improvement of an athlete. The goals are recovery after training, injuries, and improving performance in the classroom. So this is a bit different from the relaxing massage in the best beauty spa, like, for example, as we all know that Abu Dhabi and the UAE, in general, are associated with the most luxurious pastime. However, you can always combine sports massage with a luxury procedure at the massage centre.

Sports massage has several directions.

Preliminary – performed before a sports load or competition to increase the tone of the body, muscles, and normalization of the psycho-emotional state.

Training – used to prepare for competitions. The procedure increases endurance and improves results and performance.


Restorative is part of the athlete’s rehabilitation. This type of massage is performed 15-20 minutes after the end of the workout and taking a shower, the pulse and breathing should be normal by this time. The restorative massage lasts about an hour.

The session uses classic massage techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, and vibration. But the “specifics” depend on the stages of sports life and the types of load carried. For example, football players need to warm up their muscles before a match and just calm down. Therefore, a preliminary sports massage will be used.

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Why needed

A good condition of the muscles is their harmonious development. And without imbalance. Training helps to develop muscles, keep the body in good shape, and increase endurance – yes, it is a well-known fact.

So it turns out that some muscles will still work more than others. The result is hypertonicity. And no, this is not good – the muscles in this state do not relax at the end of the loads but are always in tension. Then a muscle imbalance is formed. Therefore, when exercising, it is recommended to do a massage at least once a week – everyone should participate in the show. Sports massage helps to evenly distribute the load on each muscle. And in cooperation with training, it gives a very cool result.


Who will benefit

Of course, sports massage is recommended not only for people who are subjected to heavy physical exertion and doing a chest press of 100 kilograms but also for everyone who trains more than once a year.

If the goal is a harmoniously developed musculature and a toned body, it is unrealistic to achieve this with one massage. But reducing puffiness, smoothing contours, reducing the severity of cellulite, and improving overall well-being is possible. Especially with injuries – massage can speed up tissue repair, relieve pain and accelerate the withdrawal of fluids.


Bright aesthetic results from massage (combined with proper nutrition and sports) can be observed after 1.5 – 2 weeks of regular sessions. But doing it every day is one of the most common mistakes: massage is the same load for the body. And the tissues in any case need time to recover.

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Popular questions about sports massage

Do those who do not do sports need a sports massage?

Sports massage has an intense effect on the muscles, working them well, so if you have no contraindications, and the effect of classical massage is not enough – you can try sports massage.


Massage for beginners in sports: yes or no?

Sports massage is recommended for novice athletes, as it adapts the body that is not used to loads, reduces muscle pain, and enhances the effect of training.

Indications for sports massage in addition to sports

Even though the direct indication for the procedure is recovery after training, sports massage is also suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle and want to work on health, shape, and muscle mass.

How many sessions do I need?

For the greatest effectiveness, it is better to conduct a massage course to get the best result. However, sports massage can be used on a one-time basis to restore the body or reduce the intensity of pain syndrome.

Is it possible to do a sports massage yourself?

Sports massage is a procedure with a strong intensity, which has several contraindications and requires compliance with many conditions. Attempts to do sports massage on their own may at least fail, and at most – lead to injury and deterioration of well-being. Therefore, it is better to trust the professionals and get trained.

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