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C Sankaran’s Biopic is titled The Untold Story of C Sankaran Nair

C Sankaran Nair

Karan Johar’s Production house announced the biopic of C Sankaran Nair


  • Who is C. Sankaran Nair and how was he influenced to be a part of a Biopic? 
  • Who we can expect as cast for this Biopic?
  • Social Media reach of the movie
  • Audience Expectations for the Watch

Plot and Release Date

C Sankaran Nair was a prominent Indian lawyer and politician who played a significant role in India’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

Born on October 22, 1857, in Travancore, Nair obtained his law degree from the University of Madras and went on to become a successful lawyer, eventually serving as the Advocate-General of the Madras Presidency.

Nair was a vocal critic of British rule in India and was a strong supporter of the Indian National Congress, serving as its president in 1897. He was also a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and was actively involved in the non-cooperation movement launched by Gandhi in 1920.


In 1924, Nair published a book titled “Gandhi and Anarchy,” which was critical of the use of violence in the Indian independence movement. The book sparked controversy and led to Nair being criticized by some of his fellow Congress leaders. Nair passed away on April 24, 1934, in Madras. His legacy as a lawyer, politician, and nationalist remains a vital part of India’s history.

The Case That Shook the Empire

“The Case that Shook the Empire” refers to the trial of Indian nationalist leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak in 1908. Tilak was a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement and was known for his criticism of British colonial rule in India.

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Tilak was charged with sedition for his alleged involvement in the promotion of two articles published in his newspaper, Kesari, which were seen as inflammatory and seditious. The British colonial authorities saw this as a threat to their rule and decided to prosecute Tilak.

The trial, which took place in Bombay (now Mumbai), lasted for several months and drew widespread attention and support from across India. Tilak’s defense lawyer was Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who later went on to become the founder of Pakistan. The trial ended with Tilak being found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison.


The trial had a significant impact on the Indian nationalist movement, as it highlighted the repressive nature of British colonial rule and further radicalized many Indian nationalists. Tilak’s trial and imprisonment were seen as a symbol of resistance and inspired many other nationalists to join the struggle for India’s independence.

Cast and Characters

According to some news, Akshay is the one who is going to play the role of C. Sankaran Nair in the movie.

  • Akshay Kumar 
  • R Madhavan
  • Ananya Pandey

Trailer of the Movie

The trailer of the movie is not yet released.

Twitter Check

Insta Roll On

Karan Johar on Instagram: “Extremely excited and honored to be bringing the untold story of C. Sankaran Nair, a historic man to the big screens. Directed by…”

On June 29, 2021, Karan Johar on his official Instagram account shared a post about Dharma Productions’ next project named “The Untold Story of C. Sankaran Nair” and its team.

Karan Johar’s production house is all set to start the groundwork for C Sankaran Nair’s biopic. Akshay Kumar and Ananya Panday have been…


On June 7, 2022, Tellychakkar’s Instagram official page posted news about Akshay Kumar and Ananya Panday are to be part of C. Sankaran Nair’s Biopic. 

The Genre of the Movie

A biopic of C Sankaran Nair,  short for a biographical picture, is a genre of film or television that portrays the life of a real person or people. Biopics typically cover the life and accomplishments of historical figures, celebrities, artists, politicians, and other noteworthy individuals.

The purpose of a biopic is to tell the story of a person’s life and to offer insight into their personal experiences, struggles, and achievements. Biopics often focus on key events and moments in a person’s life, such as childhood, career, relationships, and notable achievements.

In a biopic, actors portray the real-life individuals they are representing, and filmmakers strive to accurately depict the events and people involved in the story. Biopics often incorporate archival footage, photographs, and other historical materials to help create a sense of authenticity. The biopic genre has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many successful films and television shows focusing on the lives of historical figures and celebrities. 


Audience Expectation

For a biopic, an influenced person from a historical society can be a great inspiration for the coming generation to move forward in their life. Nowadays we heard so many incidents of suicides because of small reasons, the main reason for this kind of incident is because of a lack of knowledge about how to lead life forward. Some feel empty when they move forward in life in that situations such kind of movies of historical persons can give motivation to them. So the audience can expect a life lived by a historical person under many obstacles in his life or one who wins his life perfectly. 


In the Biopic of  C Sankaran Nair, as the title hints some unsung heroes who lived on this soil should come to light with such projects. Some actors have the potential to act like that person with their acting skills like we saw M S Dhoni’s biopic Shushant Singh Rajput play the role without any single negativeness. We can expect such a performance from the talented Akshay Kumar and Bring Bollywood pride back strongly.


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