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Space Explore with an 11-year kid Elio


Adrain Molina’s animated adventure movie ‘Elio’ coming to theatres on 2024


  • News about the animated adventure movie ‘Elio’
  • Genre dealings of the movie
  • Fans’ Expectations about the Movie
  • Trailer and other sneak peeks till now

Adrian Molina is the director of the movie ‘Elio’. The movie falls under several categories of genres such as Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc. Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures are the production companies working on the film.


As the title of the movie 11-year-old Kid, Elio is the protagonist of the movie, who loves space and finds himself among the stars and comets in an unexpected turn of events. Because of his human characteristics, he attracts attention from aliens and celestial beings there. The aliens, however, think he is a representative of Earth coming to educate them about the mysterious planet rather than fear him or run from the unknown. Elio understands that his magnificent space adventure will involve more than just taking in the views of space given the great title.

Release Date

The expected release of the movie is on March 1st, 2024 in the US. There is a rumor that the movie is coming as a 3D experience which is the favorite experience of film lovers.


On September 10, 2022, Pixar’s official Twitter account tweeted about the little boy Elio and gave a small description of his journey.

Cast and Characters For Elio

Since the film is an animated movie the character’s voice delivered persons are the cast of the movie.

  • Yonas Kibreab as Elio
  • America Ferrera as Olga Solis(mother of Elio)

Trailer of the Movie

Since the movie is planning to be released in 2024, there is not yet any trailer released for the movie from the creators of the movie. We can expect an official trailer or teaser by 2023 end or 2024 start.

The Genre of the Story

The story of the movie falls under several categories, some of the main ones are:

Drama and Comedy

From the first glimpse of the movie, we can see a mother-son combo that can deliver a great family relationship and love in the film. So we can expect a great backstory in the life of Elio with dramatic moments as well as comedy scenes. Family moments always capture the attention of every audience, especially mother and son bond stories.

Animation and Fantasy

Animated fantasy works can take many different forms, from traditional hand-drawn animation to computer-generated graphics. These works often feature fantastical creatures, landscapes, and characters that would be difficult or impossible to create using live-action techniques. Animated fantasy works can range from lighthearted and comedic to dark and serious, and they often explore themes such as good vs. evil, power, and personal growth. They may also draw inspiration from mythology, folklore, and other cultural traditions. One of the benefits of using animation in fantasy storytelling is that it allows creators to bring their imaginations to life in ways that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using live-action techniques. Animated fantasy works can create entirely new worlds and characters that are not constrained by the laws of physics or the limitations of real-life settings.


Adventure and Sci-Fi

When adventure and science fiction are combined, the result is often an epic journey through space or across different worlds, as characters encounter new and unfamiliar environments and face unknown dangers. These stories often involve futuristic technology, such as spaceships, robots, and artificial intelligence, as well as otherworldly creatures and societies. Adventurous characters in science fiction often face challenges and moral dilemmas as they navigate unfamiliar territory, encountering strange new civilizations and grappling with the impact of advanced technology on society. These stories can be exciting and action-packed, while also exploring deeper themes and ideas about humanity and the future of the world.

Insta Roll On

On September 10, 2022, Disney’s official Instagram account also shared about the little boy Elio and his journey with his arrival date. On September 10, 2022, Chip and Company’s Instagram handle, a news updation channel shared the first look of the movie on the Big Screen in the US.

Audience Expectations

The audience can expect a space tour from the movie. Space exploration provides a rich and compelling setting for filmmakers to tell exciting and thought-provoking stories. From the dangers of deep space to the wonder of discovering new worlds, there is no shortage of themes to explore in movies about space exploration. It is also a great treat for the audience. They want to see the world which they didn’t see, and that curiosity will attract many viewers to space-exploring movies.


In conclusion, we expect a great treat from theatres with most probably 3D experience from the creators. A 3D movie with such an explosive mix-up of the genre can equal a movie from the Marvel cinematic universe. The combination of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction can create exciting and thought-provoking stories that engage audiences with both thrilling action and imaginative exploration of futuristic possibilities.


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