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Interview With The Vampire : A new Vampire is interviewed in the teaser .

“Interview With The Vampire” is a 1994 novel by Anne Rice. The book chronicles the life of Louis de Pointe du Lac and his early years as a vampire in the 18th century. With Lestat, Louis is happy and content, until he meets young violinist Claudia who disrupts their relationship. After Lestat turns Claudia into a vampire to prevent her from dying of syphilis, she becomes the second protagonist.

What is the plot of the story ?

The beginning of the novel revolves around Lestat and Louis. Lestat takes Louis, a young French nobleman, to Mexico as his “companion” after meeting him during the siege of Acapulco in 1750. The two begin to travel and eventually arrive in South America where they witness a slave revolt. Lestat becomes instantly infatuated with Claudia, a dark-skinned vampire who is one of the rebel leaders. After destroying the revolution, Lestat returns to France and Louis finds himself alone except for Marius, another young vampire. As their time together expires, Lestat decides that he must turn Marius into a vampire and Louis’ spirit is crushed; he sinks into depression and considers suicide.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Anne Rice , Tom Cruise , Christopher Walken , Rutger Hauer , James Cromwell , Brad Pitt , David Boreanaz , and Christian Slater . Anne Rice portrayed the role of herself in the movie, as she is the author of the novel. Tom Cruise played the role of Louis de Pointe du Lac. Christopher Walken portrayed Lestat de Lioncourt , a vampire from noble blood who was turned into a vampire by Magnus . Rutger Hauer played the role of Marius , a Haitian vampire and former slave who ran the entire plantation . James Cromwell played Armand, an old-world vampire with a passion for poetry and music. Brad Pitt played Louis’s maker Lestat de Lioncourt along with Christian Slater , who played David Talbot , a human journalist and friend of Louis in New Orleans .

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What are the difficulties they faced ?

The difficulties they faced were the same as any other movie. They had to deal with the atmosphere and setting of 18th century France . They also had to deal with making a movie long in length . No matter how much research they did into the location and period, they still had no idea how to best tell the story of Louis’ first years as a vampire , even though they had a script. The final product was a very artistic movie with no one speaking in real time in the film .


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is diseases. Disease had killed Louis’ wife and daughter when he was a human. Then, after Louis became a vampire , he was forced to become a stinking creature of the night with fangs and blood-red eyes who drinks the blood of humans . After that, Lestat turns Claudia into a vampire to save her from dying from Syphilis. The motives are to explore how Louis feels about being a vampire and how he deals with it but also explore how Lestat and Claudia deal with it . They overcame them by discarding them all in order to tell the story of Louis’ first years as a vampire . They did however have to deal with the problem of filming in tight quarters .

What are the epic scenes ?

The epic scenes are when Lestat and Louis have their battle in the dark room . The scene takes place during the middle of the movie . It lasts a few minutes and is very intense . There is a lot of jump-scares throughout the film, but this one particular scene seems to be the most intense for viewers. There are many jump-scares throughout the film and they include :

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Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character is Lestat . He was most loved for his humor and style of speaking, which is very cocky and sometimes funny , but he also cares deeply for Louis when no one else does because he is a vampire. He even tries to teach Louis how to feed on humans so that he won’t starve and become weak.

Would you recommend watching this ?

I would recommend watching it because the scenes in the movie are very intense and sometimes funny. They make you want to keep watching it. If you like movies that have to do with vampires and romance then this is the movie for you . Thanks for reading !



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