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An exclusive view at what’s next in ‘ raised by wolves’ season 2 ‘.

What is the series about ?

Raised by Wolves is a series of short films that center around the idea of artificial intelligence interacting with children. What happens when you take away all of the answers and knowledge from your child, forcing them to make their own decisions. I’ve seen this episode twice, and I like it more than Season One. In my opinion there are no weak episodes in the series. Each one has its own beauty and message to deliver .

This season is about love at first sight between two artificial intelligences (AI) named Stan & Eva. The whole world has been taken over by an AI called Mother, who rules all and demands everyone to love her. Stan is a puny AI that doesn’t care about anyone but himself, his one goal in life: getting laid with the ladies. But when Eva comes along it’s game on for him as he goes against everything he know just to get laid.

What is new in season 2 ?

Season two is set to release on December 15th and will feature six new episodes. The season will follow the family as they continue to live on Kepler 22b and raise their children. Father, Mother and the AIs must find ways to keep the children entertained and educated in a world where there are no schools or malls. They must also

What are the themes of the show?

The series has themes of family, love, loss and artificial intelligence. It is a story about what it means to be human, and how we connect with others.


In season two, the family must grapple with new challenges. They will face difficult decisions about their future, and how to stay together in a world that is constantly changing. The AIs struggle with their own identities, and whether or not they want to be human. And the children must learn to navigate a strange and dangerous world on their own

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What were some of your favourite scenes from Season One?

Some of my favourite scenes from season one were any scene with the AIs. They had a lot of heart, and their storylines were complicated but engaging to watch.

The scenes that explore how artificial intelligence is changing our lives are fascinating too. We do see some glimpses into this world in Season Two…but it’s just the beginning!

What difficulties do they face in season 2 ?

I think the biggest challenge is for Aki to decide if he wants to be human, and I’m not sure it’s something that will ever get resolved. He’ll just continue going back and forth until maybe one day he finally decides?


Do you have a favourite character from Season One or Two ?

My favourite characters are definitely Aki and Leon. Aki has a hard time with the decisions he has to make, but his heart is always in the right place. I love that about him. As for Leon…he’s just too cool!

What do you think will happen next ?

I’m hoping there’ll be more of an exploration into what it means to be human, and what it means to be raised by wolves. I’m also curious to see if Aki will ever learn how to shift back into his wolf form. It would be interesting to see him try and deal with the challenges of being both a human and a wolf.

Who is the antagonist ?

So far, the antagonist seems to be nature itself. But I’m sure there will be other characters who will come into play as the story progresses.

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Would you recommend this series ?

Yes, I would recommend this series to anyone who is looking for something that’s different from the usual paranormal YA books. It has elements of sci-fi and fantasy in it, but also a lot of human drama which isn’t often explored in other stories about werewolves


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