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What You Should Be Doing Outside of the Gym to Your Optimize Workouts

When your health and fitness is a priority to you but you’ve got a busy schedule to contend with, you have to be smart about making the most of your hard work to get and stay fit. Thankfully, getting fit depends on a lot more than just doing rep after rep at the gym. Moreover, when you’ve got other places to be besides the gym and tons to do, you want to do everything that you can to make each rep count. Before and after your workouts, there are several key things that you should be doing to support your personal fitness goals.

Fuel Your Body to Perform at Its Best

When you’ve fueled your body for intense physical exertion, you can have more energy for exercise. Being smart about giving your body the raw materials that it needs for peak performance can help you build up endurance, and you’ll be less likely to run out of steam mid-workout. A good pre workout supplement can help your body convert food and fat into usable energy. 

A supplement that you take right after a workout could be advantageous in facilitating cellular repair. These types of supplements offer building blocks that muscles and soft tissue require to recover.

Skip the Foods That Are Weighing and Slowing You Down

Try to reduce or eliminate your intake of ultra-processed foods. Filling up on non-fuels can undercut your efforts to get in better shape. Apart from putting you at a higher risk for weight gain, eating unhealthy food shortly before you’re going to the gym can throw your energy levels into turmoil. 


Refined carbohydrates might offer a quick energy burst, but that short-lived spike could last  much less longer than the inevitable sugar crash that you’ll experience. As soon as you start to crash, you’ll instantly begin feeling lousy and probably won’t be up for a vigorous workout. 

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Even if you aren’t about to head to the gym within mere hours, keeping ultra-processed foods as staples in your diet could have an ongoing effect on your fitness regimen. These types of meals and snacks are tough on your digestive system. When your gut has to put loads of work into breaking down junk foods, it won’t be able to allocate as much energy towards physical activity as it should be able to. 

Moreover, the damage that these foods inflict on your gut can cause excessive buildup of bacteria and other waste products to accumulate on the lining of your digestive tract. Resultantly, this buildup hinders your body’s ability to digest and process the nutritious components and energy contained in the healthy foods that you’re eating. 


Staying well-hydrated all of the time is good for your gut, muscles, and basic cellular activity. Good hydration may also help to reduce your risk of common training issues involving soft tissue inflammation and tears.


Make water your number one choice of liquid refreshment. It’s the liquid that your body needs most, and overdoing it with super sweet sodas and juices over the course of a day could be the equivalent of eating several ounces of pure sugar.


Your body requires time to recuperate after a demanding workout. The very best way to give your muscles and joints support is to get vital sleep. In a sleep state, your body’s energy reserves are free to focus on repair functions. 

Regularity in your sleep cycle will also give you more get-up-and-go when you need to summon early morning energy for a gym trip. Feeling well-rested is going to help ensure that you won’t be sidelined by fatigue when you want to be active.

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Get in the routine of sticking to a regular bedtime. Consistency will make structuring seven or eight full hours of rest into your nightly routine more manageable.


Ultimately, your smart habits outside of the gym will help you maximize your time in the gym. A few simple but effective measures to advance your fitness goals can really pay off. 

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