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How to Create A Stunning Product Packaging Design That Sells Itself!

Whether you’re selling your product online, in a supermarket or in a brick-and-mortar shop, you need to ensure that your product stands out from the crowd and shines on the shelf. So if you want your products to fly off the shelves, you need to put some serious time and thought into the design of your pouch packaging. The design of your packaging plays a vital role in whether a customer decides to purchase your product. As a result, your packaging needs to reinforce your brand, capture the attention and create an emotional connection with your product’s target audience.

What are the Benefits of Good Packaging Design?

Brand reinforcement

Visually pleasing product packaging reinforces your brand. Customers see your logo, brand colours and company slogan or mission statement, all of which will aid brand recognition and recall. 


Many consumer markets are more saturated than ever, meaning your brand needs to differentiate itself from other similar products. Well-designed product packaging will catch the eye of your brand’s target audience, making it more likely that they will see your product and potentially put it into their basket rather than reach for a competitor. 

Product quality

Your packaging design is a reflection of the products inside. So if your brand creates a high-quality product but packs it into underwhelming packaging, consumers will assume that the product in question isn’t worth buying. If your packaging looks cheap and flimsy, consumers will think that the product is, too.


Emotional connection

Thoughtfully designed product packaging will also create an emotional connection with consumers, and colours play a crucial role. For example, the colour red creates a sense of urgency and is associated with excitement, passion and movement. On the other hand, the colour blue is associated with peace, calm and security, while green is aligned with health, nature and tranquillity. The colours on your product packaging will help to forge a connection with your customers, so choosing the right colours for your brand is vital.

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How to Create Great Product Packaging 


Well-designed product packaging will be clear but distinctive. The packaging should be eye-catching, but it also needs to be able to answer questions consumers have within a few seconds. The maximum time a consumer will spend looking at a product on a shelf is approximately 4 seconds. In that time, your product needs to answer a few key questions—it should explain what is inside the packaging and why it’s worth the consumers’ time. While some mystery is good for certain types of products, such as luxury items, failure to identify what your product is and its benefits may result in low sales. 

Use an easily readable font, suitable brand colours, and clear, compelling copy that communicates your brand values to the consumer. Including all of these elements will ensure that consumers understand your offering and associate your brand with high-quality, trustworthy products. Additionally, avoid overloading packaging with too many elements. Overcrowded packaging may overwhelm consumers, making it difficult for them to determine what your product is and why they should purchase it.


Regarding product packaging, brands will try to strive for perfection. For example, they might include a picture of the product on the packaging that shows it in the best possible light. However, when customers open the packaging to reveal the product, they see something quite different. The failure to be honest about how your product looks or its capabilities will result in customers feeling like they have been misled. To avoid this unfavourable situation, brands must depict their products honestly to win over customers.



Creating an outlandish design that fits in with current trends might be tempting. However, trends change at lightning speed, and when that happens, you may be left with product packaging that looks garish and outdated. So instead, stick to a design that won’t go out of style—something simple but impactful.

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Showcase products

One of the best ways to capture consumers’ attention is to give them a sneak peek of your product. For example, suppose your product is a dry food item. In that case, you may want to consider including a transparent section on your packaging, so customers can see what they’re purchasing. Sometimes it is beneficial to let the product speak for itself! If, for whatever reason, you decide not to showcase your product using a transparent window built into the packaging, consider including high-quality images of your product on the front of the packaging to capture customer attention.

Final Thoughts

The process of creating visually pleasing, eye-catching packaging may feel like a challenge in such a competitive consumer environment. Consequently, if your brand does not have the in-house expertise to create clear, compelling packaging, consider hiring a bespoke packaging design team to create a product that truly appeals to customers.

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