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6 Reasons Why Goal Setting Matters

Goal Setting Matters

It’s a central source of meaning in our lives: the goals we want to accomplish in our time here on earth. But when you look around, it seems that very few people actually have goals, or if they do, they aren’t taking steps to complete them.

Let that be a reminder that goal setting is one of the most crucial parts of your journey toward the life you want to live. If you can’t set your goals in clear terms with attainable action steps, you’ll never even take that initial le ap. 

It’s time to talk about exactly why goal setting matters so much, and offer some tips on setting goals that will lead to better outcomes in everything you do.

1. Goals Clarify Your Purpose

Most goals are relatable and fall into categories like health, fitness, relationships, money, and achievement. But when’s the last time you actually clarified your purpose in each of these areas, and mapped out clear goals to get you on the right track?


For instance, you might want to get in better shape for summer, but what does that really mean? Determine your goal weight, body fat percentage, performance goals in the gym, and how you want your favorite clothes to fit. 

Some of these goals might be qualitative (how you look and feel), but those quantitative goals will give you something measurable to track every single day.

2. Goals Give You Motivation

A lack of motivation can leave you feeling tired in the middle of the day, and burnt out by midweek, even if you’re well-rested and healthy. We often lose motivation because we aren’t interested in what we’re doing, but setting goals can fix that dilemma. 

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Write your goals on post-it notes and stick them around the house, keep them recorded on voice memos on your phone, and remind yourself of those goals with mental affirmations when the going gets tough.


When you leverage your goals and your desire to achieve them, nearly anything is possible, and you’ll have no shortage of motivation. 

3. Goals Help You Conquer Fear

They say that fear is the mind-killer, stripping us of our confidence and abilities when we least expect it. The same can be said of self-doubt and uncertainty, while for others, anxiety is the big mental obstacle in their path.

These are daunting adversaries, but setting goals gives you the power to overcome these mental barriers with a mix of creative thinking and sheer willpower. 

With your goals powering you during those early mornings and late nights, you become master of your own mind, brushing off any doubts and fears before they take form.


4. Goals Can Boost Your Confidence

We could all use a confidence booster from time to time, and what better way to achieve this feeling naturally than by completing positive goals you set for yourself. 

Just think about how good it feels to check small tasks off your to-do list, then multiply that feeling over the course of weeks, months, or even years – however long your biggest goals will take to finish.

The best part is that you don’t need to wait that long to experience incremental confidence increases along the way. As you stack “small wins” and prove your capabilities to yourself, a more confident version of you will soon emerge.

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5. Goals Give You a Sense of Urgency

The clock is always ticking, but without goals, you don’t mind watching the years fly by. That might sound nice, until life has passed you by and aren’t where you want to be.


By setting goals, you make the all-important recognition that time is a finite resource, and you need to maximize every minute you have available.

With this realization, you’ll find fewer excuses to waste time and push yourself to be productive when it matters most. Those nights and weekends turn into opportunities to advance, rather than extra time to be killed in front of the TV or at the bar.

6. Goals Let You Enjoy Rewards

The finer things in life are far more enjoyable when you earn them. By setting goals and achieving them, you tap into your body’s natural reward system rather than relying on cheap, short-term pleasures.

This creates a positive cycle that will rewire your mind for productivity instead of looking for ways to entertain or distract your senses.


The process can feel like a grind at first, but you’ll soon learn that genuine achievement is far more satisfying than anything else.

Don’t Just Set Goals – Achieve Them

Why is goal setting important? Because it gives us meaning in our lives, plus a strong sense of confidence, gratification, and overall well-being.

Take this time to review your own life goals, or map out some brand new ones to get moving in the right direction.

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