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Freeridge: Netflix’s “On My Block” Spinoff Series Coming

Freeridge: Netflix "On My Block"

Netflix is developing a spinoff series for On My Block show. Netflix has given a straight-to-series order for Freeridge. A spinoff featuring an entirely new cast from the original creative team has been given a straight-to-series order by Netflix.

Latest Updates Of Netflix’s Freeridge:

The program is set in the same L.A.-based town as On My Block, which returns for its fourth and final season on October 4. The main series, which has aired six seasons to date, will come to an end.

Netflix has promised that the spin-off Freeridge will continue with a new group of friends who may or may not have unleashed a deadly curse after triggering an unforgettable journey. Another aspect of the made-up metropolis will be explored in the series.

Lauren Iungerich, who has a Netflix overall agreement, co-created the single-camera comedy alongside Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft. Jamie Uyeshiro, a writer on all four seasons of On My Block, Gonzalez, and Haft, created Freeridge.


The trio will function as showrunners. Jamie Dooner, who is preparing Netflix comedy Boo, Bitch for Lana Condor, will also be credited as a co-creator and executive producer alongside Uyeshiro, Gonzalez, and Haft.

“We’ve got a lot of feedback from fans about how they felt identified and represented by On My Block. We’ll continue to put our trust in genuine personalities that represent our devoted following as we go forward with Freeridge, a more female-driven series… Gnomes may be involved, too,” Uyeshiro, Gonzalez, and Haft stated in a joint statement.

Netflix orders On My Block spinoff series Freeridge

Source: Netflix

Netflix’s The Get Down has been a sleeper hit. RottenTomatoes rates it at 95 percent from critics and 91 percent from audiences.

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The core four stars:

  • Sierra Capri
  • Jason Genao
  • Brett Gray
  • Diego Tinoco
  • Jessica Marie Garcia

The actors, led by leads Ashton Sanders and Sanders Herron, negotiated significant raises before season three to forestall the show’s cancellation. After four seasons, the five stars’ per-episode earnings increased from $20,000 for seasons one and two to $65,000 for season three.

The cast of Orange Is the New Black would have seen their compensation increase to $85,000 for season four as part of the July 2019 renegotiation. If there had been a fifth season, the paychecks would have risen to $1.05 million per episode. With a spinoff featuring a new cast, Netflix will save millions of dollars.

“While our OG team will conclude high school in October and move on to other things, we’re thrilled to bring a brand new cast of characters and tales to life in On My Block spinoff,” said Netflix comedy head Tracey Pakosta. “There are many more tales to be told in Freeridge, and we’re thankful to continue this journey with Lauren, Eddie, Jeremy, Jamie Uyeshiro, and Jamie Dooner.”


“Creating and running On My Block was and will always be a highlight of my life,” said Iungerich. “I’m thrilled to hand the torch over to my incredible partners Eddie and Jeremy, as well as Jamie Uyeshiro, who rocked it in the writers’ room from day one. There are many more tales to tell about our beloved Freeridge, and I can’t wait to continue working with this amazing group.”

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