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“Love In The Villa” Movie On Netflix – All Latest Updates!

love in the villa netflix

Netflix has recently released a Netflix Original movie called “Love In The Villa” and it is already gaining a lot of popularity. Netflix describes the movie as:

The story follows two couples who are best friends, one couple in their late twenties. And another in their early forties. When they spend time together at an idyllic seaside villa on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, tensions surface about what it means to grow older – while still young.

About the Netflix Movie “Love In The Villa”

The 27-year-old female protagonist struggles with her new life as a mother while her 40-year old friend grapples with aging alone after ending her relationship years ago. Meanwhile, the other couple navigates marriage and parenthood while facing competing pressures from work and family.

“Love In The Villa” Filming And Release Date Updates

The Netflix movie was filmed on location in Italy and France.

Kat Graham, Tom Hopper To Headline Netflix's 'Love In The Villa'


It was released globally on Netflix worldwide outside of Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand soon after production and filming. The fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to begin filming and reach production stages. Netflix has not yet announced a release date for the movie. Netflix’s “Love In The Villa” Movie – All Latest Updates!

Plot Details and Story Summary

The Netflix original drama-romance film is set in Italy and follows four women who navigate friendship, marriage, family, and love over an eventful year. It stars Lucrezia Lante della Rovere as Cate . Netflix’s “Love In The Villa” Movie – All Latest Updates! Netflix original movie Love in the villa Netflix recently released a new rom-com with four women at its core. Netflix has yet to announce a release date for it but we already have some updates about the movie and what fans can expect from it.


The film is set in Italy in 1968 (Maybe), right after the student protests that shook Europe and America led by young people who were tired of war and wanted change.

Cast And Crew Predictions

  • Tom Hopper
  • Kat Graham
  • Mark Steven Johnson
  • Margret Huddleston
  • Stephaine Slack

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