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A Review Of The Money Heist Season 5: Is It Worth Streaming or Skipping?

Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama that has just started airing its fifth season. It’s available to watch on Netflix in many countries around the world, and it’s worth checking out! The show has been successful for many reasons, but one of the most compelling aspects is how well-written it is. The characters are complex and interesting enough to keep viewers guessing about their motives throughout each episode.

Money Heist Season 5 Review:

In Netflix’s hit crime thriller Money Heist, Tokyo’s many stories have little to do with reincarnation and everything to do with rebirth.

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Fans also learned more about her backstory before she died in Episode 5, which was titled “Lives Many Lives,” at the end of Season 5. For example, Silene was simply Silene when she robbed restaurants with her old flame Rene (which we saw in flashbacks). After their last robbery, Silene and Rene fled to Portugal and partied until the cash ran out.

Rene decided to rob a bank after he and Gilbert learned they would need to save enough money to retire. Silene concurred, and she and Rene could run away with the money to Tokyo and live happily ever after. (That is why she’s known as Tokyo.) Obviously, that was not the case, and Rene was shot dead by a security guard.

Silene raised the gun, fired, and dispatched the guard before fleeing to avoid capture by the Professor. It was there that she met and fell in love with Rio after her rebirth as a member of the Professor’s gang of Dali-masked robbers.


After their tremendous Royal Mint of Spain job, the two individuals had a fantastic existence on an island not far from Panama. That is until Tokyo grew weary and broke up with Rio, resulting in the disaster that trapped them inside the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours.

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Tokyo, Denver, and Manila have been cornered in the kitchen and must fight for their lives against the Spanish army. The cast-iron stovetop provided them some much-needed concealment and even allowed Tokyo to throw back a Gandia grenade and eliminate one of the soldiers (accompanied with a Wilhelm yelp).

Tokyo began to shoot through one of the holes when another soldier drilled them. As she did that, she left the snipers’ blind spots, and they commenced firing, wounding her. Around the same time, Stockholm notified the Professor, Denver, Manila, and Tokyo that they could use a dumbwaiter shaft to escape.

On a different floor, a wounded Tokyo chose to sacrifice herself and fire at the army until Denver and Manila were safe. Of course, Denver would not allow it. He said he’d already lost his father in the first job and didn’t want to lose his “sister” in the second.


The injured woman, who had been nursing a broken arm, was moved. However, she also recognized that she would need to drive them away, so she instructed Denver and Manila to toss down a pile of pillows and fabric.

Tokyo and Rio listened to each other, parted company, and Tokyo began firing to keep the Army at bay. Rio, who had been drilling through the ceiling above him to reach Tokyo one floor up, finally broke through midway through. Unfortunately, Rio’s escape hole was only big enough for Tokyo to look him in the eyes and bid adieu.

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