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“Time Is Up” Movie – Release Date, Plot Details, And Star Cast!

time is up

“Time Is Up” is an upcoming movie due to be released in 2021. Time is up for what? The movie Time is up for the old world order of dominance and control coming to an end with the dawning of a new era of peace, prosperity, and freedom. This will be a thriller full of suspense with intrigue at every turn!

About the Movie “Time Is Up”

There are many great things about this film, including its cast, which includes some very well-known actors. Time Is Up is a movie about the old world order of dominance and control coming to an end with the dawning of a new era. Time will be up for what? It will be up for war, poverty, corruption, greed, exploitation at all levels, globally as well as locally.

Time will also be up for religious fanaticism leading to violence in its different forms, including terrorism. Time has come where humanity must turn away from these ills which have long afflicted humankind and move forward towards peace, prosperity, and freedom. This film offers great insight into what our future could look like when we finally realize that “we are one.”

“Time Is Up” Official Release Date

The fans can finally be excited as the movie “Time Is Up” is on the verge of a theatre release. However, we are not sure if the movie will release on OTT platforms or in the cinema halls. But what e know is when the movie will release. The makers have announced an official release date of 9th September 2021.

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo's movie 'Time Is Up' to be released on 9th September in selected theaters

Source: Nova Scotia

“Time Is Up” Plot Details and Storyline

The plot of Time Is Up provides audiences with a thought-provoking insight into what could be in store for the world based upon our present course of actions. It offers an alternative perspective on how we can live together as one human family without exploitation or violence towards each other; while highlighting some positive solutions which may already exist to help us achieve this goal.

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The movie “Time Is Up” is a sci-fi drama film, and the story of Time Up revolves around India’s first manned mission to Mars where an Indian astronaut lands on Mars only to realize that there was already another inhabitant who had been living there for seven years!

Star Cast Updates for “Time Is Up”

Cast Updates include talented actors like Bella Thorne and others who are all set to release their best performance during Time Is Up Film.

  • Bella Thorne
  • Benjamin Mascolo
  • Roberto Davide
  • Sebastiano Pigazzi
  • Joseph Ewonde
  • Bonnie Baddoo
  • Giulio Brizzi
  • Nikolay Moss

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