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Geoff Johns Talks About Jade In Stargirl Season 2 – All Latest Updates!

stargirl season 2

It’s Geoff Johns! Geoff Johns is the showrunner of Stargirl Season 2. Geoff talks about Jade and her role in the upcoming season. He discusses his experience working with Ajiona Alexus, who plays Jade. Geoff also discusses what fans can expect from the new episodes of Stargirl on DC Universe later this year.

About “Stargirl” Season 2

In Geoff Johns’ words: “I wanted to bring in a character who would be Jade, the new girl at school that is just very different from everyone. She’s got this edgy fashion style, and she smokes cigarettes.”

“Ajiona Alexus, our actress who plays her, has been doing such an amazing job with it,” Geoff says of his favorite aspects about working on Stargirl Season Two. “She brings so much life into every scene.”

Fans are excited for more episodes of Stargirl! Geoff is happy to say that they have completed filming season two already and will release all ten episodes later this year on DC Universe.


“Stargirl” Season 3 Renewal Status

Stargirl has not been officially renewed for Season Three yet, but Geoff Johns admits that he “can’t imagine” a world without more Stargirl. Geoff also shared his thoughts on what the next season could entail if it does happen to get picked up:

Geoff would love to explore some of the new adult relationships in high school. And how they are different from when we were teenagers. He thinks this is explored a lot less often than it should be because our teenage years can feel like such an overwhelming time!

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Geoff wants to challenge Stacey’s group of friends with something even bigger than anything seen so far – maybe someone trying out their power or getting caught doing drugs?

However, the show was renewed for a third season recently (May 2021).


“Stargirl” Season 2 Release Date

Stargirl Season two is set to release on 10th August 2021. Geoff Johns discussed how season two would be more focused and bring some new surprises for the viewers.

“Season one was a lot of firsts – it had that introduction,” Geoff said at Comic-Con in San Diego back in July, “And then you have this awesome cliffhanger.” The second season also has a bonus; from Geoff: there won’t be any filler episodes! So fans can enjoy every minute of Stargirl’s adventures; with her friends Jerry Smith and Leo Jameson while they still can.

Geoff went on to say that he wants the show to focus more specifically on high school relationships and what makes them different.

DC's Stargirl' Season 2: Release date, spoilers and all about The CW superhero show | MEAWW


Geoff Johns comments about Jade in Stargirl Season 2

“But in Stargirl, I want to explore the high school world,” Geoff said. Geoff wants “to show these kids how they can be themselves and have this amazing time in their lives.” Geoff also revealed that Jade’s character in Stargirl is “definitely going to change from the Geoff Johns comic.”

Don’t miss Geoff Johns talk about his new show and the changes he made for season two. In an interview with ET, Geoff talked about how it was difficult transitioning; from writing comics for decades-long runs; into writing episodic television: “There are a lot of things I want to explore; that I can’t do in 22 pages or 20 minutes,” Geoff said at Comic-Con this year.

Plot Synopsis for Stargirl Season 2

Jade is Geoff Johns’ original character from his comics, and Geoff had a lot to say about how she will be portrayed on the TV show.


“Whatever we’re doing with Jade, it’s going to be different than what I did in Stargirl because I keep changing,” Geoff said, adding that he is “excited for other people to have their take.”

Geoff also revealed that Jade’s character in Stargirl is “definitely going to change from the Geoff Johns comic.” Geoff Johns has been very involved with the show; Geoff said he had a “huge impact” on Season one.

Stargirl Season 2 Star Cast

“We’re going to have guest stars, like Geoff Johns,” he said. “And we’ll be introducing a new character: Geoff’s original Jade.” Geoff also mentioned that it was important for the show to remain accessible.

“It has to be something where people who haven’t read Stargirl can understand and enjoy what they are watching because I want them all on board too.” Geoff is excited about how Season Two will go, so am I!


Some of the main leads are:

  • Ysa Penarejo as Jade
  • Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore
  • Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez
  • Cameron Gellman as Rick Tyler
  • Christopher James Baker as Henry King Sr.

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