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Arrow Season 9: What’s Going To Happen?

Arrow season 9

Season 9 of Arrow has been a long time coming. In the meantime, people are wondering what’s going to happen next with Oliver Queen and his team? With such an extreme cliffhanger last season, it’s hard not to speculate about what will happen when we return.

Arrow Season 9 Renewal Rumors:

Arrow was renewed in Season 8. That signaled the end of the series since it consisted of 10 episodes and its ninth season has yet to be confirmed. The passage of time dictates that the show must eventually end.

It was decided that he would only continue as Emerald Archer for one more season. Amell is set to return as a guest star in an Arrowverse series.

Arrow Season 9: Stephen Amell hints at ninth season return - Dexerto


Arrow Season 9 Possible Plot Synopsis:

Arrow Season 8 ended with Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen’s story coming to an end. In the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, Green Arrow died after sacrificing himself to save the entire world. The five-part event began with Oliver’s death in the first episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths. His friends, by way of his Lazarus Well, retrieved him for their party.

Redemption was never going to be easy for Oliver Queen. After an attempt by his friends Ian and Quentin, they ultimately failed and pushed away from the one person who could save him.


In the show Arrow, the Seven Paragons were taken back in time to battle Anti-Monitor. Oliver dies in the battle against Anti-Monitor, and I think that they are going to revive him with the Earth-Prime.

The producers of Arrow revealed the three key elements that will be seen in Season 9. There have been two DC Comics heroes who have appeared on Arrow for several years. It could be interesting to see the ideas of Team Arrow, like Wild Dog or Curtis.

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In the Arrowverse, there is more than one DC TV series. Diggle showed up in a post-Arrow episode on The Flash, and Oliver’s story was finished. One or more of these characters has other options. Because both Oliver Queen and Team Arrow are no more, it is unclear which characters from the universe will be appearing on other CW TV series going forward.

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