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Invincible season 2: Importance Of Angstrom Levy – The Supervillain For The Season!

invincible season 2

Angstrom Levy is one of the superheroes in Invincible. He is a supervillain that controls electricity and he specializes in controlling people with his powers. Angstrom has been around since season 1, but we get to know more about him this season.

Angstrom was once an employee at Omni-Tek before it went out of business after a nuclear disaster which caused him to lose his job and family after they were killed by radiation exposure. It’s revealed that Angstrom wants revenge on those who hurt him when he was at his low point and doing anything for power including killing innocent people as seen in episode 3, “The Enemy Within”.

About the Series “Invincible Season 2”

The first season of the series was released in March 2021. Angstrom Levy is a supervillain sought by Invincible who has been featured prominently in Season Two and it looks like he will be one of the most important characters for that season! Angstrom’s powers are not yet known, but we’ve seen him use an anti-gravity device to create some interesting effects on objects around him – this allowed Angstrom to lift a car with his bare hands. We’ll have to wait until when Season Two premieres exclusively on Amazon Prime Video!

Invincible Season 2 and 3 Renewal Status

This is a very important question as many fans are wondering about how long they will have to wait before the next season of Invincible! Season Three was scheduled for 2022, but I’ve been hearing rumors that it might be delayed until 2023. Luckily, there’s an article on Vulture with this exact information and some more interesting details: “The show’s not planned to return until 2022 or later”. However, the series was renewed for Season 2 and Season 3 in April 2021.


Release Date Speculations for Invincible Season 2

The official release date for Invincible Season Two is still being speculated. Some are guessing it might come out in the summer of 2022, but this has not been confirmed at all. The only thing we can hope for that will be revealed soon is a release date! Stay tuned to Amazon Prime Video and Vulture’s website for more updates on when Season two might arrive or if there are any other details unveiled about the show.

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Why is Angstrom Levy so important in Invincible Season 2?

Angstrom Levy is going to be a huge part of Invincible Season Two. Angstrom’s story arc will most likely focus on his past and how he became the supervillain that we know today. Many are excited about this because it is much anticipated! Angstrom has only been seen in flashbacks so far. But now fans can anticipate more of him on screen as well as new villains; for Invincible to go up against next season. Angstrom may even try to redeem himself or become an ally of Invincible during Season two which would make for some interesting plot twists!

Invincible Season 2: Release Date & Story Details | Screen Rant

Source: Screen

Invincible Season 2 Plot Synopsis

The season starts with Angstrom Levy being released from prison and then returns to his home of Blüdhaven. Angstrom is a supervillain who has been locked away for years, but now he’s back in the city that may never forget him. Angstrom will have struggles as he tries to find a place in this world again while trying not to be so twisted by evil forces or take too much control over people’s lives since that was what got him into trouble before.

Another villain named The Death-Defying Dr. No Evil, aka DDDNE, shows up claiming they are actually Angstrom’s long-lost brother Alexiphane! They want revenge on the Invincible.

Cast and Characters Guide for Invincible Season 2

There are many many characters in Invincible Season 2. Some of them will be recurring characters from the previous seasons, whereas some of them will be new for the spectators.


The voice artists are:

  • Jamie Foxx as Angstrom Levy
  •  Steven Yeun as Invincible
  • Sandra Oh as Debbie Grayson
  • J. K. Simmons as Omni-Man
  •  Ross Marquand as Rudolph “Rudy” Connors
  • Grey Griffin as Shrinking Rae
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