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Exclusive Updates On Live-Action “Hera Syndulla” On Disney+

Live Action

In this live-action Hera Syndulla on Disney+ article, you will find exclusive updates regarding the live-action Hera Syndulla show that is coming to Disney+. We’ll be updating you with new cast and plot information as soon as it becomes available.

About Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla is a Twi’lek female who lived on the planet Ryloth before it was liberated from its Imperial occupation. She became one of the leaders; in the rebellion; against Emperor Palpatine. And Darth Vader’s Galactic Empire; which led to its downfall four years; after her first encounter with them.

Hera helped establish an alliance; between rebel cells; including the Phoenix Squadron. This eventually led to victory; over the Empire when she fought; for control of their starfighters; during live-action “Battle of Endor” space battle. After some time had passed, she returned to Coruscant as Senator representing her people to better help restore democracy around the galaxy.

Exclusive Updates on live-action “Hera Syndulla”

The live-action Hera Syndulla TV show will focus on how her life was changed; by the events of live-action “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”.


This live-action Hera Syndulla TV show will explore; what happens after live-action “Return of the Jedi”. And how her life is impacted. We know that live-action Rebel Alliance leader; Princess Leia Organa, who we see in live-action Star Wars: The Force Awakens; calling for help from a ship, lives on to become General Organa; as seen at the end of live-action; Rogue One. But now we are getting another look at what could have been with live-motion Hera Syndulla as Senator showcasing some more adventures before becoming an ambassador.

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Hera fought alongside Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader’s Galactic Empire back when she served as a leader of live-action Rebel Alliance.

Hera Syndulla character analysis in Star Wars

Hera Syndulla’s live-action character development in Star Wars live-action series.

We will see Hera as a leader “whose actions were integral to the formation of the Rebel Alliance and whose courageous leadership reignited hope among her people.

Rebels' Actor Vanessa Marshall On Possible Live-Action Appearance

Source: Comic

Live-action “Hera Syndulla” Release Date Speculations

The TV show has been greenlit for two seasons with each season having ten episodes so we are expecting 20 episodes total but there is no release date yet because they have not announced it, which should be this year or 2022 at the latest according to Anthony Daniels who plays C-P30 on Diseny+’s Rebels animated TV show.

We also don’t know about any other characters that might join in on this adventure besides Hera, but we hope she has some old friends from Rebels like Zeb, C-P30, or Chopper.

Cast and Characters live-action “Hera Syndulla”

Other Rebels live-action TV show characters who might join in on this adventure besides Hera. Disney+’s live-action “Hera Syndulla” is getting closer and it’s time to speculate if she will be the only character or if there are going to be more.

It seems like a safe bet that some of her old friends from the Rebels cartoon series would appear as well, but we don’t know for sure yet what Disney has planned. We do know that Anthony Daniels plays C-P30 on Diseny+’s animated TV show.

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Who will play Hera Syndulla?

We speculate actress Nicole Oliver is all set to play Hera Syndulla in the upcoming live-action.


Plot Details for the live-action Hera Syndulla

The live-action movie will be combining a heist story with the battle of Scarif. Hera Syndulla and her team are trying to steal plans for an imperial prototype weapon capable of destroying planets.

They have been given this mission by Mon Mothma, who asks that they not tell anyone else about it except their core group on Yavin IV – Hera’s fellow rebels from the Phoenix squadron plus Cham Syndulla, a rebel leader in his own right.

The live-action version is set between Episodes III and IV (between Revenge Of Sith And A New Hope). On Tatooine, we see Jabba’s Palace while aboard the Ghost there is evidence of Clone Wars era weaponry such as the Clone Troopers.

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