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Season 2 of Heaven’s Blessing Is Coming! Check Out The Latest Updates

Heaven Blessing season 2

Heaven’s Blessing season 2 is coming soon! This new season will have a lot of exciting new content, including a brand-new story arc that will be revealed throughout the game. It’s going to be an epic adventure with lots of twists and turns. Here’s everything you need to know so far:

Heaven’s Blessing Season 2 Release Date Details:

The first season of “Heaven’s Official Blessing,” which consists of 13 episodes, has been on Netflix since April 9th in France. Though the second season is not yet confirmed, Hua Cheng has tweeted about it, telling us to prepare for what we could expect next!

Original production for a new season of Kingdom Hearts 3 began in the fall of 2018. We do not know when the second season will be released, but we assume it will have ten episodes based on the number from Season One.

Heaven Official's Blessing | Netflix


I am really looking forward to the upcoming release for Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing because it was respectful of its source material and only changed what was needed since it is an animation series. I can’t wait! Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 is expected to release in late 2022 on Netflix.

Heaven’s Blessing Season 2: What We Can Expect?

We currently do not know when Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing will air but it will likely be soon. The series is true to the source material and picks up where Season 1 left off.


Netflix released the second season of Heaven Official’s Blessing and it is available now. If you want to know about this release, keep reading! While Netflix originally aired Season 2 in 2020 on Funimation, you can watch it now on Netflix too.

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The protagonist of Heaven Official’s Blessing temporarily loses the fight against his destiny, but he soon begins living as if it was a new chapter in his life and proves that he is not the person he used to be. Anime fans have been praising this new masterpiece.

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