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Amazon’s Tiger King – Renewal Status, Plot Updates, Cast Details, and Latest News!

Tiger King Series

What’s the status of amazon’s tiger king series? Is amazon renewing “Tiger King” for a second season? What is amazon Tiger King about, and what does it mean to be renewed or canceled on amazon prime? We are here to answer all your questions! The Plot of amazon’s Tiger King will soon be updated with new cast members. Keep checking back for more updates from us!

About the Series “Tiger King”

Tiger King follows the life of three friends from adolescence to adulthood as they navigate their lives and relationships against the backdrop of business, politics, and crime in 1990s Shanghai. amazon’s Tiger King is a Chinese drama set during China’s economic boom where greed was good; amazon’s Tiger King tells the story of three close comrades who started on equal footing but end up becoming bitter enemies due to fate.

Tiger King Renewal Status

“Tiger King” has been renewed by Amazon Prime Video! Check out our post about what it means when shows are renewed or canceled on amazon prime video here. Therefore, fans can fasten their seatbelts as they might as well get a Tiger King Season 2 this year.

Release Date Speculations

However, amazon usually releases its shows in July so fans can keep an eye on Amazon prime video for any updates! There is no update as to when we might get a Season 2 of Tiger King. The current information states that Season 2 must hit the theatres and OTT Platforms this year, ie 2021.


Tiger King Plot Summary

Tiger King is a drama series that revolves around the mysterious death of an American-raised, callously ambitious Korean crown prince named Lee Yul.

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The show’s first season was released April 12, 2020, with six episodes aired; while it has not yet been announced if amazon will release subsequent seasons at another time or all together next summer (ie 2022).

What can we expect from Tiger King Season 2?

Actors will return to the show’s second season with possible new characters as well. We can expect a small time jump of about three months or so from where we left off in Season one.

Nicolas Cage will not play Joe Exotic after Amazon series is shelved


Tiger King Cast and Characters Guide

The show follows a chronological timeline that starts with Young Shin being killed by Jang Ma Ri’s husband Jung Kyu Min while she was pregnant. The story then jumps back five years earlier where we see how her relationship with Lee Tae Shinn begins to form when they meet at work.

The main stars, crew, and protagonist of the series are as follows:

  • John Reinke – Manager at G.W. Zoo
  • Carole Baskin – CEO at Big Cat Rescue
  • James Garretson – Investor in G.W. Zoo
  • Joshua Dial – Joe’s campaign leader
  • JP Wilson – Magician who performed with Joe
  • Doc Antle – Director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.)
  • Joe Exotic – Founder of G.W. Zoo
  • John Finlay – Romantic partner of Joe

Frequently Asked Questions about the series:

Who is the “Tiger King”?

Nicknamed the “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic is a conservationist and owner of G.W. Zoo where animals, including many tigers, are bred in captivity at his zoo located near Tampa Bay Area Florida USA.

Joe was given these monikers because he has an affinity for big cats like tigers that have been successful in breeding such as Rudyard Kipling’s fictional character, Kimball O’Hara (aka The Tiger-Slayer), who saved two young girls from being captured by a tiger while hunting with his father when they were lost in India during colonial times before it became The British Raj. During this time period, hunters would capture wild tigers alive to sell them off but didn’t know what to do with them afterward.


Will Joe Exoctic not be a part of “Tiger King” Season 2?

No, Joe Exotic will not be a part of “Tiger King” Season two. There is no additional information available at this time that might make us believe otherwise.

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What are the reviews and ratings of the “Tiger King” Series?

“Tiger King” has a rating of four and three-quarter stars on Amazon with over 700 reviews. The Facebook page for “Tiger King” has an average review of four out of five stars, too. Some negative reviews mention the story being slow to start but once it does take off, they say you get hooked into the series. They also comment about how beautiful and lush India is in this show as well as how believable and talented its actors are.”

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