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The American Throne: What Do We Know So Far

the american throne

What if the United States was founded as a monarchy with an American in line for the throne? “The American Throne” is seeking out the answer to the alternative history with this dramatic series. The new series will be written and directed by Julius Onah, who wrote and filmed the Nigerian-American movie The Girl Is in Trouble. The American Throne has yet to release, but here is what we already know about the actors and the date of its premiere.

The American Throne Release Date Details:

As mentioned above, there isn’t much publicly available information about “The American Throne,” so it’s unclear when the series will be coming to our screens.

As a result of the immense detail and depth shown in Esmail’s work on “Homecomings’” first and second season, Deadline reported that he would be developing a series based on popular podcast Homecoming. The show then aired in November 2018.

The American Throne Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far


With that in mind, we can estimate that it’ll be about two years until the time of this announcement – and “The American Throne” will premiere. We are not able to pin down an estimated release date yet, but as of now, we anticipate that the viewing season will be available in the summer of 2023.

The American Throne Cast Details:

Again, we can only speculate as to who might appear in “The American Throne,” but no casting choices have yet been announced.


Esmail’s other new project, “Angelyne” boasts many up-and-coming actors alongside Emmy Rossum in her first major acting role since “Shameless.” So, it is also likely that Esmail will cast lesser-known actors for the show.

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Rumors are rampant about who is going to play the next American president on the throne.

The American Throne Plot Synopsis:

“The American Throne” is set in the present-day United States, but with an unusual twist — this version of America was founded as a monarchy. The official synopsis continues, “an entirely white royal family is plunged into a state of chaos.”

It is hard to say at this point what the American throne series will explore. The synopsis for episode one includes how race relations and power dynamics by class are complicated deliberately. This complexity should be explored in later episodes.


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