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Tyrese Gibson thought F9 Space Twist was a Joke! Know Everything Here

Fast And Furious Space

Tyrese Gibson has been a part of the Tyrese and Plot Cast family for years. Mr. Gibson is well known as an actor, singer, songwriter, and producer. The actor also does voice work in animated movies like “The Boss Baby” and “Anomalisa.” He was on F9 Space Twist to promote his new movie with them when he started talking about how he took f9 space twist as a joke.

Tyrese Gibson thought F9 Space Twist was a Joke!

Tyrese Gibson said, “Every time I hear about f nine space Twists… you can’t even take me seriously anymore.” He continued with how he took this as a joke because of all the other acronyms (Space X,) he joked saying “I seen some other shit called S-E-X too!”

The actor about number nine space twist. Tyrese Gibson on the plot cast of F9 space twists and Tyres car that he used in this movie. Tyrese’s thoughts on what he would be doing if he were Donald Glover, his character Lando Calrissian’s brother with no powers at all.

So I wake up one morning to see some tweets going back and forth between my good friend Usher Raymond IV and James Charles (the new Cover Girl). Now don’t get me wrong it’s not anything out of the ordinary – they are both really hilarious people but their conversation was about Tyrese Gibson’s movie. Tyrese, first of all, I have to say that you are a hilarious comedian and your music is the best!


But Usher was saying something like “F-NINE SPACE TWIST IS A JOKE!” (Usher has been known for his great sense of humor). Tyrese replied with some laughs then he said “I’m not joking.”

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About the Fast and Furious Nine Space Twist

Tyrese shared two videos on social media of him using Kia’s new car, the F-Nine Space Twist and he said that it felt like he was in an amusement park ride – just not too sure which one! Tyrese has been teasing fans about his involvement with Fast And Furious for months now but is adamant that Vin Diesel should be the only one to play Dom Toretto in future films after their feud became public back in April 2021 when they both made disparaging comments against each other on Instagram Live to over 12 million viewers worldwide.

It seems Tyrese feels more at home as part of Disney World’s Cars land, as he says the car felt like a “carousel ride”. Tyrese also said that his son Messiah would love it.

The F-Nine Space Twist is Kia’s latest concept and transforms into an amusement park-style shuttle with Tyrese’s input! Tyrese didn’t know what to make of the futuristic vehicle until he sat in one for himself.


How did the F9 Space Twist turn out for the actor

The Kia concept that Tyrese had input on is called “F-Nine Space Twist”. This vehicle transforms into an amusement park-style shuttle; while remaining futuristic; with its cabin turning 90 degrees; vertically for seats arranged around poles; instead of tables or chairs; then returning to normal; when passengers enter.

People React to Tyrese and Ludacris Launching Into Space in 'F9' Trailer | Complex


“I just thought this thing, I don’t know if you guys are playing a joke on me or something,” Gibson said. As he examined the exterior; from about six feet away; before sitting inside.

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Tyrese also stated, “It’s not trying to be anything crazy.” The car was initially designed by designers; at London Design Studio (LDS); who took inspiration from food, music, and art to create; a miniature vehicle; that can transform into an amusement park-style shuttle.

About Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese is the only African American actor in Hollywood; who has been nominated for two Oscars; (2005’s “The Pursuit of Happyness” and 2007’s “Daddy Day Care”).

Gibson also starred as Roman Pearce in the Fast & Furious franchise from 2011 until 2015. The ‘Fast’ franchise was reported by Forbes Magazine to be ranked at number ten on their list of highest-paid actors with earnings reaching 60 million dollars between June 2017 – June 2018. In recent years Tyrese made headlines after being arrested twice for driving without a license followed by his daughter Tyra being arrested for marijuana possession. Tyrese also recently came into the spotlight after one of his sons, Jacob Gibson was found dead in a hotel room on August 14th, 2018.


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