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The Old Gaurd 2: When Will The Filming Begin?

The Old Guard 2

In 2018, theatrical releases continued to slump in the a.a-3 industry as theaters closed and chain stores filed for bankruptcy yet again. But for those who were still interested in watching films on screens instead of their phone or computer, there were plenty of options available online that could be streamed legally or pirated anonymously with ease.

The Old Gaurd 2 filming details

One of Netflix’s most-watched movies was The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron as an immortal mercenary. In early January, it was announced that the sequel to The Old Guard is in production, which has led Theron to share when filming will start soon enough.

Charlize Theron revealed that The Old Guard 2 has already been written and will go into production in the first quarter of 2022, with Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli confirmed as returning cast members.

Charlize Theron confirms 'The Old Guard 2'


The Old Guard, which was released on Netflix on July 10, 2020, has left the door open for a sequel. The director, Gina Prince-Bythewood said that she is considering a sequel to the action movie.

After the release of the comic’s movie adaptation, CNN quoted Greg Rucka who had written both parts of The Old Guard as saying he was in discussions for a new sequel. Netflix also mentioned they were keen on turning this into a franchise before its first part came out.


Other Major Updates

Recently, we have learned that The Old Guard 2 has been completed and is just over half a year away from release. The original film left audiences with many questions about what the iconic foursome would do next. Charlize Theron’s Andy, Nicky, Joe, and KiKi Layne’s Nile Freeman were open to working with Chiwetel Ejiofor’s James Copley on missions that could help humanity – Matthias Schoenaerts” Booker, who had been exiled for 100 years was found by Veronica Ngou’s Quynh.

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Even though the first movie in The Old Guard saga was initially predicted to be seen by 72 million households, it ended up being watched by 78 million. No official production start date has yet been confirmed, but we anticipate that casting will take place before December.

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