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Megan Fox reveals she is unsure about her appearance in a star wars movie!

Megan Fox In sTAR WARS

It seems Megan Fox is not too sure about her appearance in the latest Star Wars movie. Megan Fox who played “Leia” in the first three films revealed she was unsure about it and hoped for a better experience this time around. Megan’s career has been on a downward slope since 2009 when she starred as “April O’Neil” in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She went from being one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses to being barred by many major studios due to disagreements with director Michael Bay on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

About Star Wars Franchise

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most profitable movie series in history. It consists of a film series and an extensive media franchise that includes books, television programmings such as animated shows, and video games.

There’s also been quite a few spin-off films released over time like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story or Solo: A Star Wars Story which are often standalone movies set within the same universe with different characters but still part of the ongoing saga. The latest release was 2015’s The Force Awakens (Episode VII) which took $238 million on its opening day alone!

What are the best Star Wars movies?

There have been many great films throughout the history of Hollywood that happens to be set in space, but few can compete with George Lucas’s original trilogy. From A New Hope (Episode IV) all the way through The Return of Jedi (Episode VI), these three classics deserve their place as some of cinema’s finest examples and they still hold up today.


Meghan Fox history in Star Wars Movies

Megan Fox, an American actress, and former model are best known for portraying the role of Mikaela Banes in three films of the Transformers film series. The actress has also been a brand ambassador for Dior since its Francis Kurkdjian perfume line called “Miss Dior”. Megan fox was born on May 16th, 1986 to parents William and Judith Fox; Megan had one older sister named Melissa. Megan’s father died when she was ten years old which made her close with her mother who would often work two jobs to support them both financially.

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I really hope I get a part in it [Star Wars] but you never know what they’re thinking over there.”

Transformers' Megan Fox Describes Being Seen as a 'Shallow Succubus' in Hollywood


“You just want me as Princess Leia? I don’t want to be Princess Leia. I really like Carrie Fisher, but she’s not here.” Megan Fox on her opinions of portraying the role of a female in Star Wars

Will Meghan Fox appear in a Star Wars movie again?

Megan Fox doesn’t know. Megan revealed to a “Star Wars” fan site that she’s not sure if the character of Princess Leia is still alive. In this future-set saga after Carrie Fisher; passed away last year. The actress, however, isn’t too keen on portraying; such a role either way as it sounds like she has other plans; for her career beyond what we see at present.”

However, Megan Fox is unsure about the prospect of joining the upcoming movie. Megan says she’s “not so sure” if it would be something that she could do. Because there are expectations for a Star Wars character; which Megan doesn’t want to live up to. Due to her own insecurities; with how people perceive her appearance. She goes on by saying: “I just don’t know; if I fit into that kind of world.”


Despite being considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. And an accomplished actress in general; this may not be enough; when considering playing a role as iconic as Sarah Connor; from Terminator! Megan is usually seen wearing make-up. But instead opted for revealing herself; without any artifice whatsoever before attending a screening event in London.

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Meghan Fox is unsure!

Megan Fox revealed that she is unsure about her appearance. And may not do it because there are expectations for a Star Wars character; which Megan doesn’t want to live up to due to her own insecurities with how people perceive her appearance.

She goes on by saying: “I just don’t know if I fit into that kind of world.” Megan has been considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses and an accomplished actress overall, but this might not be enough when considering playing the iconic role of Sarah Connor from Terminator! Megan usually wears make-up but instead opted for revealing herself without any artifice whatsoever before attending a screening event in London.

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