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An Animated Series of Smallville is in development!

Series NEW

It has been 17 years since the series Smallville aired its last episode, but now it is back and in an animated form. The original show was about a young Clark Kent who is growing up in Kansas as he learns what it means to be Superman. In this new version of the show, we will see him continue his journey into adulthood with all of the challenges that come with it.

What’s new for Smallville?

  • The show will be animated, meaning that the characters will look more cartoony.
  • Metropolis and other DC locations are getting a makeover to fit with the new art style of the show.
  • Clark Kent’s high school friend Pete Ross is also back in this version of Smallville, which means we might see some romance between him and Lana Lang!

More on the animated series

It will be aired on Boomerang, Cartoon Network’s sister station. The series is slated to have 52 11-minute episodes in total. This means that it’ll take around 12 weeks for all of the new season to play out!

In this animated show, we see Clark Kent dealing with some more grown-up problems than he did before, such as a relationship breakdown, which leads him into trying out smoking or drinking alcohol for the first time. There are also storylines about sexism, racism, relationships, and how they can affect our identity too! This makes Smallville seem like even more of a growing-up.

Original Cast of Smallville

  • Lex Luthor
  • Lana Lang
  • Chloe Sullivan
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Tess Mercer
  • Lois Lane
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Plot Summary

The series is set after the events of season 11 and will show Clark Kent trying to live a normal life as he starts his career in journalism.

It’s like Smallville never ended!

We can’t wait for this new spin-off, it sounds great,t and we’re sure that it is going to be amazing. Do you know what else gives us hope? The original cast is all coming back too!!! It’ll even feature some characters from other DC TV shows such as Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow – they might not appear ofte,n but you get our point, right?!!


This animated version has been created by Bruce Timm, who was also responsible for Batman: The Animated Series.

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