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Wish Dragon, 2: A Magical New Adventure

Wish Dragon Season 2

Wish Dragon, 2! A Chinese animated movie that follows a young college student, Din, struggling to make ends meet. The movie is written and directed by Chris Appelhans and is notable for featuring a predominantly Chinese/Chinese-American voice cast.

The movie has managed to win over critics and audiences with its unique philosophy and outlook on life.

The Story of Wish Dragon

The second part of the trilogy is about Din – who’s just trying to make it through college and live her life. We meet an interesting cast of characters around her as she navigates being in love with two guys at once while also developing feelings for someone new. She has to balance school work, friendships, relationships, and family obligations, all while managing not to break any hearts or risk missing out on true love…


In Wish Dragon, we are introduced to our protagonist Din, who barely manages to live day-to-day on little money from various jobs working. The story follows how this young woman deals with juggling multiple responsibilities such as academics courses, friends, and family.

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Plot Summary

Din (Zachary Gordon) continues to live with his grandmother in Chinatown. He is struggling financially and has been only able to find a minimum wage job at the local convenience store. One day while he’s working, Din sees an old man looking for help around the store, but all of Din’s co-workers are too busy to help. The old man leaves, but not before he asks Din, “Can you see me?”

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The next day the same scene is repeated, and this time, when it’s his turn to work with the old man, Din offers his than,d sayin,g “I can see you.”

The following morning a strange egg appears on top of Din’s bed while he sleeps. When he wakes up from dreaming about being chased by an evil fox spirit (voiced by James Gandolfini), Din discovers that one end of the egg has cracked open and there is something inside. A small dragon-like creature emerges from within who turns out to be Wish Dragon! He introduces himself as Xiao Longnu or just ‘Xiaolong’ for short. (translated from Mandarin).

Xiaolong informs Din that the egg was sent by his dragon mother, who has been captured and imprisoned. The only way to free her is for Wish Dragon’s human friend, a ‘chosen one,’ to complete three great tasks. The tasks are set out by three different wise dragons: Jade Emperor Dragon (voiced by James Earl Jones), Iron Wire Fence Dragon (voiced by Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA), and Silver Bell Mountain Drought Dragon (voiced by David Cross). Xiaolong will accompany Din on this quest to find these wise dragons as well as those chosen ones.


Wish Dragon Sequel Release Date

“Wish Dragon” was released by Sony Pictures on January 15, 2021, in China on June 11, 2021, in the USA(other regions as well). As of now, no official announcement has been made for the sequel release date.

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