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Why is “Lego Batman Movie sequel” in trouble? Release Date, Characters & Villain Expectations, Plotline and Details!

Lego Movie

“Lego Batman Movie sequel” is in trouble if you ask many Lego fans. The release date has been pushed back from February 2020 to September 2021, and the movie will not be released in theatres but instead on Netflix. Many are wondering what happened between Warner Bros and Lego?

In this article, we take a look at why the “Lego Batman Movie sequel” may have derailed production, who the new villain might be for the movie, and what can go wrong when making a Lego Batman movie.

Release Date Speculations for Lego Batman Movie Sequel

The Lego Batman Movie sequel release date was originally set for February 2020. Later, the announcement of a Lego-themed show on Netflix called “Lego’s World” pushed this back to September 2021.

This is not an ideal situation considering two other Lego movies are releasing before then – The Lego Movie Sequel in 2021 and Ninjago Rebooted in 2022. It also does not help that Warner Bros has been struggling financially with films like Godzilla: King of Monsters and Shazam! failing both critically and commercially.

LEGO Batman Movie 2 Unlikely To Happen Due To Film Rights

Source: Chad

It could be speculated that the delay from November to December 2021 was due to production issues or interference from Warner Brothers’ current financial struggles.

What are Lego movies about?

Lego movies are a series of animated films with Lego-style character animation. The first two Lego movies; were released by Warner Bros., And both revolve around the Lego Minifigure characters; from their toy lines.

The first movie, “The Lego Movie” (2014), is about an ordinary LEGO construction worker; named Emmet; who is mistaken; for the MasterBuilder, a special person prophesized; to save all that is made from being destroyed; when evil President Business’ plans; to freeze creativity forever; come into fruition using his weapon; known as Kragle (a play on Krazy glue). This film could be described as having sci-fi elements; at some points, especially concerning how it portrays creative expression and heroism; through building things out of bricks.

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The second movie, “Lego Batman Movie” (2017), is about a Lego version of Bruce Wayne/Batman, who must stop the Joker; from unleashing some kind of evil scheme; to take over the world. This film could be described as having superhero elements, with its focus on using one’s imagination and willpower; to overcome obstacles; instead of physical strength, like many films based on superheroes do.

About the movie

The Lego Batman Movie (2017) is a comedy animated film set in an imaginative world where playing with Legos can be used as creative expression and heroism through building things out of bricks. However, this link to creativity and imagination might also lly concern how it portrays creative expression and heroism through building things out of bricks. The second movie, “Lego Batman Movie” (2017), is about a Lego version of Bruce Wayne/Batman who must stop the Joker from unleashing some kind of evil scheme to take over the world.


This film could be described as having superhero elements with its focus on using one’s imagination and willpower to overcome obstacles instead of physical strength like many films based on superheroes do. Unfortunately, there are some major differences between the Lego Batman Movie and most films based on superhero comics.

This film has been criticized because it is a comedy, not an action movie like many of the other movies in this genre are. It also does not have much violence or death, which some fans see as taking away from the comic book’s “family-friendly” nature. In addition to these criticisms, there have been rumours that Warner Bros might be hesitant to produce another Lego Batman movie due to its lack of success at the box office with only $312 million worldwide grosses against a $100 million production budget (excluding marketing costs).

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Cast and Characters in Lego Batman Sequel

Batman: Will Arnett (returns)

Robin/Dick Grayson: Michael Cera (a new addition to the Lego Batman franchise, as a replacement for Chris O’Donnell)


Batgirl/Barbara Gordon: Rosario Dawson (as Babs in The Lego Movie sequel). Batwoman is also confirmed.

Alfred Pennyworth: Ralph Fiennes has been cast; he replaces Sir Michael Cera of Voldemort fame from Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. It was said that Robin’s character would be played by an African American actor this time around, but no confirmation yet on who it’ll be or if they’ll voice him too, like with JOYCE.

There are rumours that Phil Lord & Christopher Miller might not return for this film because they have creative differences with Warner Bros., which means we won’t get another hilarious animated comedy set in the Lego universe.

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