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The Upshaws Season 2: See What Happens Next

The Upshaws Season 2

The Upshaws are back for another season of family fun! Season 1 left off with the father, John, being fired from his job. What will happen next? Tune in to find out what happens to this family.

The Upshaws Season 2 Release Details:

“The Upshaws” Season 2 was released on May 12th, and it is unlikely that the show will be renewed before 2021. According to IGN, getting a show renewed on Netflix depends on several factors surrounding the quality of the series.

When you add up the time needed for production, writing, and editing as well as health and safety precautions in order to make sure everyone stays healthy during an epidemic – we find it unlikely that “The Upshaws” will be back on TV until at least 2022.

The Upshaws Season 2 Cast Details:

Netflix's 'The Upshaws' review: Dated and unfunny; a big miss |


If “The Upshaws” gets a second season, it’s likely the main cast will all return.

  • Mike Epps: Bennie Upshaw, the patriarch and garage owner.
  • Kim Fields: Bennie’s wife, Regina
  • Wanda Sykes: Lucretia, Regina’s sister and co-owner of Bennie’s garage.
  • Gabrielle Dennis: Tasha Lewis, mother of Bennie’s son.
  • Diamond Lyons: Kelvin, who was conceived while Regina and Bennie were on a break.
  • Khali Spraggins: Aaliyah, close in age to Kelvin, and Regina and Bennie’s eldest daughter.
  • Journelle Simon: Bernard Upshaw, Jr., the oldest son that Regina and Bennie had while they were both in high school. Jr. is an adult who feels as if Bennie is an uninvolved dad.
  • Journey Christine: Maya Upshaw, Regina and Bennie’s youngest daughter.
  • Page Kennedy: Duck, Bennie’s best friend, works at the garage and is freshly freed from prison.
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The Upshaws Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

“The Upshaws” is a show that follows the ups and downs of Bennie and Regina. There are several plotlines throughout this season with many continuity issues if there ends up being no second season.

One interesting event that comes to mind is in “Gloves Off,” which shows ongoing tension between Bennie and Regina, but they have an affair after a long dry spell which resolves their disorder in the bedroom, although it doesn’t address other open plots.


During the Season 2 Finale, Bernard Jr. is revealed to be gay in a heartwarming moment during which his family welcomes him with open arms. Regina has now passed her GMAT test, and that means her career will likely change and affect future plotlines.

Season one of “The Upshaws” was released in June. This past episode has left us with some unanswered questions, such as how long the break between Regina and Bennie lasted, whether they conceived their daughter during that period, and what happens to the family in season two.

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