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Marvel’s Blade Reboot: Everything You Need To Know

Marvel Blade

The blade is the titular role for a Marvel comics character first introduced in 1973. The Blade trilogy followed, with actor Wesley Snipes portraying the lead three times. Fans of Blade can rejoice; he will finally appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A reboot film is reportedly in development at Marvel.

Putting an end to all speculations, it was announced that actor Mahershala Ali would be playing the role of Blade when he returns to screens soon. The original film series started back in 1998 and spawned sequels over three decades before finally ending. Here’s everything you need to know!

Blade Reboot In Development At Marvel Cinematic Universe:

As of now, plans for a Blade reboot have been made public. It seemed as though the original director was developing this prequel trilogy to Blade, but these plans were scrapped when the rights reverted back to Marvel.

First, the studio decided to add a character from Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel thought of creating Blade TV series after approaching Mahershala Ali.

Marvel's 'Blade' Reboot Starring Mahershala Ali | HYPEBEAST


Marvel Studios is looking for writers to create a reboot of Blade. The movie is still too early in the development process for any more information about release dates or plot.

Recently, Mark Tonderai has shown interest in directing the Blade reboot film.

Mahershala Ali Will Be In Blade Reboot:

Last year, it was announced that Mahershala Ali had been officially cast as the lead role in a Blade film. In addition to his MCU role on Luke Cage, he is also set to play Cornell Stokes for the upcoming second season of Marvel’s show on Netflix, The Defenders.

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Ali is a perfect choice to play the part of Blade in Marvel’s upcoming film. The character Blade, who must hunt and destroy vampires, is a human-turned-vampire himself.

Blade Reboot Release Date Details:

Fans are waiting a long time for the new Blade movie. The writing has not yet begun. The production will also take a long time to complete.


A release date for the Blade reboot is not yet set, but sources indicate that it could come out sometime in 2022.

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